Gotta Love It When Idiot Conservatives Accidentally Reveal People HATE The NRA

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Conservatives alongside right-wing media outlets are trying desperately to spin the gun debate in their favor. They know that the majority of Americans support President Obama’s executive actions on guns, so they need to make it look like people don’t want them.

One conservative media outlet, Breitbart, decided to run an article with this title:


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However, within the text of the article they try to piece together some sort of magic way of showing Americans support the NRA, but instead fail miserably, stating:

“In 1987, twenty-seven percent of Americans strongly supported the NRA. In December 2015, that number had risen to 38 percent. In order words, over one-in-three Americans “strongly support” the NRA.”

In other words, two-in-three Americans do NOT support the NRA. It doesn’t seem smart to write an article about how terribly Obama is doing and then point out with numbers how more than half the nation is actually on his side and not yours. Bravo for that. Well done.

They also point out:

“In addition to these things, the American people are voting with their feet by walking into gun stores all around the country and buying firearms at a record pace. Figures from the FBI show that 2015 set a record for the number of background checks performed in a single year, with 23,141,970 checks performed.”

But then reiterate:

“So the NRA enjoys the “[strong] support” of more than one-in-three Americans while support for gun control is losing ground. WSJ suggests that this put Obama in a position where he had to go it alone.”

No, the NRA enjoys the reward of paying off members of Congress to make sure President Obama and the rest of America doesn’t get the chance to hurt gun profits. Oh, and all this hysteria over FBI background checks really proves is a strong amount of paranoia from the one-third of Americans who actually think guns are a solution or are deceived into thinking they’ll lose their firearms.

In regards to actual support for stricter gun laws, data proves that is actually up drastically with more than 55% of Americans saying they want laws on gun sales more strict:

gallup guns

There are facts, and then there’s how one interprets facts. Breitbart chose to report only one-third of Americans strongly support the NRA, but anyone with a rationally thinking brain can decipher that this also means that two-thirds of Americans don’t. They also want you to believe citizens don’t want stricter gun laws, but, in fact, they do.

Truth is, we need stricter laws on gun sales to make sure the wrong people don’t get their hands on guns. This includes mental health background checks. If you’re a law-abiding citizen without a history of mental illness, guess what — NONE of your rights will be “infringed” because you’ll still be able to purchase your precious paranoia machines firearms. And just like laws regarding cars and driving don’t stop every accident, they sure as hell prevent a lot, just like better gun laws would prevent unnecessary deaths as well.


Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info