Grand Jury Testimony Reveals Cops Deleted Footage Of Laquan McDonald Shooting

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laquan mcdonald shooting

Chicago has erupted in protest after a disturbing police dashcam video that show the final moments of 17-year-old black teen Laquan McDonald’s life. The teen was in the middle of the street moving away from police, when Officer Jason Van Dyke shot him 16 times — 14 times after he was already motionless on the ground. As a result of the senseless taking of a life, Van Dyke has been charged with murder.

More unsettling details emerge as snippets of grand jury testimony from those where there that fateful night slowly become public. One witness is the manager of the Burger King that is located very close to the shooting. The restaurant’s outside surveillance cameras caught the shooting on tape, but that footage has now been deleted, according to manager, Jay Darshane. According to Darshane, the cops entered the restaurant after the shooting and took the surveillance footage. When it was returned, there were 86 minutes missing from the footage — right during the time in which Van Dyke killed McDonald in the nearby street. Darshane said in remarks made to the Chicago Tribune:

“I was just trying to help the police with their investigation … I didn’t know they were going to delete it.”

Indeed, this has to be the most damning piece of evidence that suggests a police cover up in the whole murderous affair yet. Of course, the cops are blaming it on “technical difficulties,” with Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy insisting that Darshane’s statements regarding what happened to the footage were “absolutely not true,” going on to say:

“There were apparently technical difficulties, but in no way, shape or form that anything was tampered with.”

So, a high profile shooting takes place and a nearby restaurant’s camera catches it all. The shooting occurs at 9:57 PM local time. When the store’s videos are returned, it just so happens that the “technical difficulties” affected the moments between 9:13 PM local time and 10:39 PM local time — in other words, the events leading up to the shooting, the shooting itself, and the aftermath? Sorry, sir, but that assertion stinks to high heaven. There’s definitely something rotten going on here, and it isn’t coming from Jay Darshane. It’s coming from the cops — who, by the way, are the ones who have the most to gain with that crucial footage being so conveniently gone.

Of course, anyone who knows how the police operate is in no way surprised by this. Let’s just hope that prosecutors see through their lies, and that everyone involved in this cover-up find themselves in a jail cell next to Jason Van Dyke, right where they belong.


Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info