Guns & Ammo Pathetically Proud They Finally Have A Woman On Cover

Dana Loesch

via The Blaze

By , Addicting Info

The last time a woman was on the cover of the gun enthusiast magazine Guns & Ammo, JFK was President of the United States. And who better to be the first cover girl in so long than the insufferable Dana Loesch.

Loesch is currently the host of her own show, suitably titled Dana to obviously promote her humble side.

The conservative commentator and television host has never shied away from her love for everything guns and ammunition, so it was a suitable choice to put her on the cover. She’s recognizable, and she’ll be able to promote and sell the magazine well.

Guns & Ammo actually highlights the fact that they’ve been misogynistic for the past 54 years, by continuing the misogynistic undertones saying:

“Women have always been welcome inside the pages of Guns & Ammo…”

Aww, how sweet of them, really. (Girls, you’re not good enough for the cover, but you can hide underneath all the male covers within our pages for over half a century — see, they LOVE women.)

They then continue:

“Ms. Loesch’s appearance on the cover of the June 2015 issue of Guns & Ammo magazine marks the first time any woman has appeared on the cover of G&A since November 1961.

During the 25-question interview, Loesch shares insights on various topics such as her personally owned firearms, her favorite Founding Father, the controversy surrounding 3D-printed guns and the future of gun ownership in America.”

Her favorite Founding Father?! Now I have to go and find out. And because I know you’re all dying to know, my favorite is Thomas Paine, the Deist who had, quite literally, Common Sense.

Loesch apparently told the magazine:

“We can’t forget the quickest way to lose rights is if we don’t use them.”

What does that even mean? If you don’t use your gun rights, you won’t have them? – They’re rights that are protected under the law.

Is the same true that if you didn’t speak for a year, but then all of a sudden you decide to, you find out in that time you didn’t talk you lost your freedom of speech?

If gay people don’t use their right to be equally protected under the law – as it states in the 14th Amendment – to get married, they lose the right to get married? Oh wait, no… that’s conservatives actually taking that right away. Unlike with guns, which no one, anywhere, is trying to confiscate. Although the NRA would like you to think so, that way they can sell more firearms and ammo to all those dumb enough to believe their rights are being infringed. Question — who’s the zombie rabbit coming at you at 45 MPH that you need an arsenal of weapons at your fingertips? Just asking. Curious, rather.

As for Loesch, she’s doing what she needs to do to sell magazines, get viewers for her program, and make as much money off all those willfully ignorant enough to believe her. And as for Guns & Ammo, the next time you want to boast about a woman on the cover, maybe don’t wait over a half a century in between. Just a bit of advice.

Oh, and don’t get the idea that liberals hate guns and just want to grab them all away. Quite the opposite. Many, MANY liberals have guns too, they just don’t need them to overcompensate for other parts of their lives and don’t seem to have a fetish over them. They also know common sense reform saves lives, all the while knowing they get to keep their firearms, because they aren’t stupid enough to fall prey to a sales pitch from the NRA and gun manufacturers to constantly buy more they don’t need.

Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info