Guns are Awesome, Until you Shoot Your Johnson

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gun pocket

Yeah, that happened again

Always blame a black person if you do.

Convicted felon Donald Anthony Watson, 43, was admitted to a local emergency room late at night on Sept. 6  for a gunshot wound to his penis, and told local law enforcement that he had been shot during a botched robbery.According to the arrest report, Watson said he was shot by “a black guy (who) tried to rob” him while he was taking out the trash at his apartment.

I think a lot of people – all colors and creeds – are sick and tired of white people screwing something up and blaming black people for it.  Beyond the sheer, nauseating stupidity of it, the rabid racism is angering. Black people aren’t allowed to walk, or ride, or drive, or think or drink, or even have a funeral, but in these incidents they weren’t even around and they get blamed. Over the roil or orange gunsmoke for the minor hilarity of this event.

Remember, he has told investigators – whose jobs are to investigate things – he was attacked and shot outside:

Investigators who went to Watson’s apartment said there was no evidence of a shooting outside, but neighbors told them they heard screaming coming from his apartment earlier in the evening.

I’m not right upstairs and I find this very chuckle-worthy.And here’s why:

Pressed by police, Watson admitted that he made the story up and was looking at a handgun he was thinking about buying and placed it in his pocket where it went off, with the bullet hitting his genitals.

I am nominating this guy for a Standing Darwin Award. That’s something I just made up, a cross between a true Darwin Award – which is given to people who kill themselves doing really stupid things – and a standing 8-count from boxing, in which one has been knocked silly but is given an opportunity to regain composure and continue fighting. He has truncated his ability to reproduce (hopefully) though his ‘medical application of firepower”. Alive but unable to reproduce further.Probably the least of his concerns as he is likely to return to prison.

As always, I sure am glad guns aren’t dangerous….


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