Guns, Denial and Insanity

By John Morlino, Truthout | Op-Ed –


alternative for anyone concerned about this topic – you’re acutely aware that mass shootings in the United States seem to be occurring at roughly the same rate as bullets fired from an assault rifle.

One would expect these senseless murders (is there any other kind?) to leave a populace severely shaken. Yet, judging from the rote delivery of and our numbed response to such news, senseless also describes our collective response to gun violence.

Media reports of these real-life nightmares are as formulaic as prime-time criminal dramas. Day one begins with the basic facts: where and when the shooting took place, how many people were killed or wounded, who the gunman was, and what type(s) of firearms were used.

Day two fills in more of the details: The names and ages of the deceased, references to the shooter’s emotional instability, and an attempt to explain “why” it happened (a fruitless pursuit, given that rational thinking on the part of the perpetrator is never part of the equation).

Save for those directly impacted by the violence, the disturbing images soon begin to fade, and we return to business as usual. Until it happens again.

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Reprinted with permission