Hillary, Bernie Crush Entire Republican Field in Third-quarter Fundraising

by David Nir –


Every three months, all candidates for federal office—president, Senate, House—have to file fundraising reports with the Federal Elections Commission. The reporting deadline for the third quarter of the year, covering the months of July, August, and September, was Thursday night at midnight ET, giving us our first good look at the entire presidential field for both parties. (Some candidates didn’t enter the race until the third quarter, so this is the first time they’ve filed a report.) With help from ProPublica’s FEC Itemizer, we’ve compiled all the numbers into the chart below the fold.The headline, though, really says it all: The two leading Democrats, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, swamped the opposition, taking in $29.9 and $26.2 million respectively. Clinton also spent much more than anyone else, Sanders included, in part because she has a much bigger paid staff than her top rival. As a result, the amount of cash both candidates have in the bank isn’t that far apart: $33 million for Clinton, $27 million for Sanders.

The GOP field, meanwhile, is far behind. Ben Carson led the way, but his $20.8 million haul is much hollower than it looks, since he spent an extraordinary $11 million on fundraising—trying to spend money, in other words, to make money. That’s translates to an incredibly high expense ratio of more than 50 percent; a more typical rate is around 15 percent.

As for Jeb Bush—the son and brother of presidents, the great establishment hope, the man with access to all the money—he got doubled up by the democratic socialist from Vermont. Head below for the full roundup.

Candidate Party Raised Spent Cash-on-Hand
Hillary Clinton (D) $29,921,700 $25,776,600 $32,995,200
Bernie Sanders (D) $26,216,400 $11,258,400 $27,119,700
Ben Carson (R) $20,767,267 $14,240,045 $11,272,534
Jeb Bush (R) $13,384,800 $11,465,500 $10,271,100
Ted Cruz (R) $12,218,138 $6,966,830 $13,778,904
Scott Walker † (R) $7,379,170 $6,393,960 $985,213
Carly Fiorina (R) $6,791,310 $2,232,770 $5,549,190
Marco Rubio (R) $5,724,780 $4,607,860 $10,976,000
John Kasich (R) $4,376,790 $1,734,840 $2,641,950
Chris Christie (R) $4,208,980 $2,822,540 $1,386,450
Donald Trump (R) $3,926,510 $4,159,480 $254,773
Rand Paul (R) $2,509,250 $4,546,610 $2,124,160
Martin O’Malley (D) $1,282,820 $1,790,970 $805,987
Mike Huckabee (R) $1,241,740 $1,365,800 $761,411
Lindsey Graham (R) $1,052,660 $1,984,170 $1,651,310
Jim Webb (D) $696,972 $380,207 $316,765
Bobby Jindal (R) $579,438 $832,214 $260,939
Rick Santorum (R) $387,985 $393,478 $226,526
Rick Perry † (R) $287,199 $1,126,560 $44,554
George Pataki (R) $153,514 $347,564 $13,571
Jim Gilmore (R) $105,807 $71,423 $34,384
Lincoln Chafee (D) $15,458 $59,917 $284,526

† Withdrew from race

Reprinted with permission from Daily Kos

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