Hispanic Media Group Calls for SNL To Dump Trump, Petition Gains 111K Signatures

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Donald Trump is set to host Saturday Night Live, but he is catching heavy backlash, and so is the show’s host network, NBC. The National Hispanic Leadership Agenda, which is representative of various advocate groups for Hispanic-Americans, is leaning on the network to get rid of the GOP front runner’s November 7th hosting spot and replace him with someone else. On Friday, the group sent a letter to the network, telling them to dump Trump.

Of course, by now everyone is aware of the fact that Trump has been openly racist against Latino immigrants since the inception of his circus of a presidential campaign. He began by calling Mexican immigrants “rapists,” and even doubled down on the comments.

NBC cancelled Trump’s beauty pageants after the comments and then said, “At NBC, respect and dignity for all people are cornerstones of our values.” Well, apparently, that is a sentiment that does not stretch to SNL. After Trump’s initial racism against Latino immigrants, NBC insisted that it was “ending its business relationship with Mr. Trump.”

So, what exactly happened to that? Did they really think people would forget? Well, if that’s what they thought, they really are dumb. Well, I can tell you, nobody has forgotten, and a petition started by progressive group Move On has gathered more than 111,000 signatures and counting. The petition reads:

Mass deportation is not funny! By allowing Donald Trump to host Saturday Night Live, NBC is excusing and even validating Trump’s hateful comments about immigrants and Latinos. Tell NBC to dump Donald Trump as host of Saturday Night Live!

Be sure to sign it HERE. The petition and the movement behind it were spearheaded by Juan Escalante. Escalante was an undocumented Venezuelan immigrant who is now safe from deportation, thanks to the new Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, which President Obama put into practice in 2012. Escalante says:

“It’s hypocritical of them to go back and put Donald Trump on as the face of the program, given that NBC said it would terminate its relationship with Trump over his comments about Mexican immigrants. I think it’s embarrassing for the network to do this. It tells me they don’t really care about Latinos and that they’ll do anything to get ratings.”

Escalante is right, of course, but it may be that NBC can’t do anything about Trump’s SNL appearance, despite their previous statements on the matter of continuing their business relations with Donald Trump. Apparently, this was a Lorne Michaels decision, and Lorne Michaels does what he wants on SNL, the network’s wishes be damned. National Council of La Raza’s Lisa Navarette says, “[Michaels] doesn’t take orders from anybody.”

Well, NBC sure better bring him in line, if that’s the case, because the situation with having Trump host next month will only get nastier for everyone involved. Dump Trump, NBC. Stick to your guns.


Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info