Homeless Veterans Group Asked Trump For A Donation, So He Sent Them Bumper Stickers

by John Prager –

veterans in command trump bumper stickers

As we’ve all heard from Trump, he didn’t skip the debate because the thought of facing a woman who is willing to confront him turns his pants just a little brown, or because Fox News would not pay him $5 million for the appearance. Instead, he just wanted to do something nice for America’s veterans. According to the billionaire, the rally he scheduled to air on Fox’s competing networks during the debate raised a whopping $6 million for Veterans. Unfortunately, this money all went to the Donald J. Trump Foundation, which has an abysmal history of helping those who have served our country, with less than 1% of donations going to that particular cause.

While Trump is perfectly willing to hide behind our Vets as he pretends that he’s not scared of being challenged by Megyn Kelly, a simply look at his recent history reveals how much he actually cares about people who, unlike him, put on a uniform and served our nation. Last year, New York-based Veterans-in-Command, an organization that helps homeless veterans, reached out to The Donald for a donation.

More than a year ago, New York-based Veterans-in-Command, an organization that helps homeless veterans, reached out to The Donald for a donation.

While one might assume that Trump would jump at the opportunity to help out, time went by and they received no response until just before Trump’s little debate day stunt, when the cash-strapped organization got some mail from the Trump campaign. But what was inside was not something that can feed or house those in need — unless, of course, someone feel like eating or building a home out of bumper stickers.
“Unfortunately we are unable to make donations from the campaign,” reads a handwritten note in the envelope. “Team Trump.” The letter informs the organization that “Mr. Trump is very passionate about giving veterans the best life possible!” Included was a few Trump campaign bumper stickers. Afterward, Veterans-in-Command began receiving emails from the Trump campaign asking them for money.

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The group finds this response puzzling because they did not write to the Trump campaign.

“We never wrote to his campaign,” said Veterans-in-Command President Larry Robertson. “Now they want us to get out there and campaign and be on his team? Without the veterans, he wouldn’t be where he is today.” The news that Trump had raised money to help Veterans’ groups further confounds Robertson and his membership.

“It just doesn’t make any sense. He’s campaigning for donations for veterans,” said Rodney Moore, a retired U.S. Coast Guard petty officer who works with Veterans-In-Command. “We were a little deflated.”

After taking a proverbial beating for funneling money to his own Foundation, Trump finally released a list of 22 groups the donated money will benefit. Veterans-In-Command was not on the list despite reaching out to the billionaire 2016 hopeful.

But, hey, at least they got some bumper stickers and campaign emails. After all, they’re sure to support him after all this, aren’t they?


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