House Republicans Ready Benghazi-Style Committee to ‘Investigate’ Planned Parenthood

by Joan McCarter –


Not letting the ongoing Benghazi committee fiasco stop them, House Republicans are preparing to set up yet another special committee to conduct a completely unnecessary and highly politicized investigation. This time it’s Planned Parenthood, and the legislation creating it [pdf] could be considered as soon as Wednesday.

SEC. 3. (a) The select panel is authorized and directed to conduct a full and complete investigation and study and issue a final report of its findings (and such interim reports as it may deem necessary) regarding—
(1) medical procedures and business practices used by entities involved in fetal tissue procurement;
(2) any other relevant matters with respect to fetal tissue procurement;
(3) Federal funding and support for abortion providers;
(4) the practices of providers of second and third trimester abortions, including partial birth abortion and procedures that may lead to a child born alive as a result of an attempted abortion;
(5) medical procedures for the care of a child born alive as a result of an attempted abortion; and
(6) any changes in law or regulation necessary as a result of any findings made under this subsection.

It doesn’t specifically say “Planned Parenthood,” but it doesn’t need to. Because it’s all about Planned Parenthood, as usual, and all about the War on Women. While the Republicans trotted out one of their token women to announce they would create this Benghazi-like committee, the aim is destroying one of the largest purveyors of women’s health care—particularly for poor women—in the country.

In fact, the would-be new House Speaker, Rep. Jason Chaffetz, admitted after his own farce of a hearing that it’s really not about what Planned Parenthood is doing. “I’m not suggesting they broke the law,” he said on CNN. If House Republicans don’t think PPFA has broken the law, then what in the hell is this about other than the War on Women?


Reprinted with permission from Daily Kos