How Close is Devin Nunes to Obstructing Justice? Sometimes the Fish Rots From the Tail Up

by pollwatcher –

So there’s this very strange story about a couple of House Intelligence committee staff members going to London and trying to reach out to British spy Christopher Steele.  The strangeness comes from the fact that few if anyone else on the committee knew about it.

Two congressional staffers traveled to London last month — reportedly at the direction of a longtime aide to Nunes — to question former British spy Christopher Steele about a memo he wrote about Trump campaign ties to Russia…

Democratic lawmakers were angry they hadn’t been consulted about the two staffers’ London trip, while Republicans have accused their colleagues of maintaining back-channel contacts with Steele about the explosive, 35-page dossier.

Nunes, who was on Trump’s transition team, was also involved in a fake story about secret intelligence that ended up having to have himself recused from the Russian investigation.  And the importance of Christopher Steele’s dossier can be measured by Adam Schiff’s eagerness to go to London and interview Steele.

So what was Nunes up to?  Since Steele is such a critical witness, and since the actions of Nunes bordered on obstruction of justice in the past, isn’t it now a requirement for Mueller to investigate this weird action by Nunes?  Were these staffers trying to get Steele to change his story?  Were they trying to get Steele’s full story before everyone else so they could make up a bunch of lies and attack the story with the right wing propaganda machine?  Did Trump conspire with Nunes to have this done?

I don’t see how Mueller can’t interview these two staffers (who may be in big trouble) about what was going on.  Are these staffers willing to lie to the FBI in order to protect Nunes?

The entire Republican cult is infested with these corrupt creeps.  Any Republican politician who isn’t leaving this cult is putting their cult above the interests of our country.

Stay tuned; I think there is a lot more to this story that will develop over time.



Reprinted with permission from Daily Kos