Huckabee Has Managed To Insult Both Black And LGBT Americans In One Ugly Screed (AUDIO)

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Mike Huckabee has lost his mind. No, really. This past week he has been told to f**k off by the city of Baltimore because of his mouthing off. He’s said that hate crime laws should only apply if Christians are the victims. He said that he’d put a nativity scene at the White House if he became president (like that would ever happen), so there! He was so unhinged even Fox News chastised him.

On Wednesday, Huckabee was on a Baton Rouge radio station when he broke into a muddy river of words that was so nasty, so insulting…. well, you judge for yourself:

“First of all, what an insult to African-Americans, who were hosed in the street, who were beaten, who were truly discriminated against with separate restrooms, separate drinking fountains, separate entrances. That was true discrimination and it was horrible. It’s hard to say that the redefinition of marriage is on the same basis as was racial discrimination throughout our history.”

Delightful. Mr. Huckabee is sorely mistaken and willfully ignorant. LGBT Americans have been beaten, even killed. Let’s start with Matthew Shepard, shall we? Matthew was a gay man who, in 1998, was beaten and left to die by two very ugly men. Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson tied Matthew to a fence, pistol whipped him and left him to die in the cold Wyoming night. He survived for three days in the hospital before succumbing to his injuries. But you say gays aren’t beaten, Mr. Huckabee. Matthew’s family can set you straight on that (no pun intended).

LGBT Americans are attacked every day. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, gays are 2.4 times more likely to be beaten than Jews, 2.6 times more than blacks, 4.4 times more than Muslims and 13.8 times more than Latinos. Transgender individuals are seeing a rise in crimes against them, with incidents going up 13% in 2014. But they aren’t beaten, according to Mike Huckabee.

LGBT people aren’t beaten, Mr. Huckabee? Can you even use the Google? A simple search turns up hundreds of examples of them being beaten, raped, murdered. Do you even care, you blithering Pseudo-Christian?

And black Americans? Oh, Mike. You have a genius for understatement; separate but equal was the least of their problems. Black people were enslaved, raped, lynched, murdered. They’ve been violently discriminated against ever since they were dragged to this country in chains. Kept in poverty, jailed for minor offenses or none at all, kept from voting and not given the same opportunities as other Americans.

Let’s get something straight. Marriage is a civil right. The Supreme Court has said so. Fourteen times. Mike Huckabee is the last person who should talk about separate but equal as applies to LGBT Americans. According to David Badash at The New Civil Rights Movement:

“True, perhaps we don’t have separate water fountains, but it was Huckabee himself who, in 1992 called for people with HIV/AIDS to be quarantined. Also that same year, Huckabee called for the death penalty to be mandatory for ‘anyone who transmits a deadly virus, such as AIDS.’”

Mike Huckabee is a bigot. There is no other conclusion we can reach. This is a man who hates our LGBT brothers and sisters so much that he is losing his sh*t because they can get married. He is coming off the rails. He was already a long shot for the GOP nomination. Now he’s totally screwed himself.

Here’s the audio:


Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info


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