I Could Listen to President Bill Clinton Speak for Hours (VIDEOS)

by BlankBeat –

Trump has nothing on President Bill Clinton. Bill gives me HOPE when I hear him speak. Trump uses fear. And hope must win.

Star Wars may be more relevant now than ever before.

As I said — I could listen to Bill Clinton speak for hours! He inspires me just as Hillary does. I want both of them back in the White House. And to be honest — my life was better in the 1990s.

When Trump says “Make America Great Again” — well, America was great for a lot of Americans during the 1990s. 23 million new jobs, a balanced budget, and a surplus. Of course Republicans won’t give President Clinton credit — but all President’s deserve credit for the economy they presided over. All income levels grew under President Clinton because he invested in education, women, and children. As First Lady, Hillary helped create and pass the Children’s Health Insurance Program, giving 8 million children health insurance.

Now the Clintons are ready to fight 100% for progressive values in the 21st Century. And if there’s anything we’ve learned about the Clintons in the last 30 years, it’s that you want them fighting for you.

The Clintons are the exception to the rule that politicians are all talk and no action. As Hillary said — she is a progressive, but a progressive that likes to get things done. The Clintons are pragmatic and fighters. And they inspire us to realize that though we all have our faults, the human spirit is resilient. Both Bill and Hillary worked their way from the bottom up. Together. Side-by-side. And they’ll stand by each other until the very end.

Say whatever you want about them — but the Clintons are strong, smart, and two people I want to lead our country again.

Here is Bill defending Hillary against Jerry Brown (a must-watch):

Bill Clinton:

“You ought to be ashamed of yourself for jumping on my wife Hillary!”

“Jerry comes here with his family wealth and fifteen hundred dollar suit.”

I hope Bill rips Donald Trump for being born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Destroying this “self-made-man” image is Trump’s weakness. His Achilles heel.

Mr. Trump inherited his success from his family’s wealth, unlike the Clintons who built their success side-by-side, dating back to their days at Yale Law and Hillary’s work at the Children’s Defense Fund. The Clintons, not Trump, embody the American dream of working your way from the bottom to the top [and they are the only couple that has ever had a chance of reaching the top twice]. Trump was born on third base but thinks he hit a triple.

Bill tells America the story of his working Mother and the tragedy of losing his Father at an early age:

“That’s why I’m so committed to make sure every American gets the healthcare that saved my Mother’s life. And that women’s healthcare gets the same attention as men’s.” ~Bill Clinton

Bill and Hillary Clinton have seen the power of the Presidency. And they want it again. And this time, they are ready to fully embrace and fight for progressive values in the 21st Century. The GOP has fought and failed to stop them, creating “scandal” after “scandal” since the early 1990s. Yet Bill and Hillary Clinton remain survivors of it all and can withstand the Tea Party infested waters of Washington. There’s no two people better equipped to take on the current GOP. And hopefully — the Clinton Machine will finally dismantle and destroy it. Don’t forget — Republicans don’t hate the Clintons for nothin’!

“When I first met her 30 years ago, she already had an abiding passion to help children. She’s pursued it ever since. Her first job was with the Children’s Defense Fund. Every year I was Governor she took lots of time away from her law practice to work for better schools, children’s health and jobs for parents who lived in poor areas. When I became President she became a full- time advocate for her lifetime cause. What a job she’s done. She championed the Family Leave law, children’s health insurance, and increased support for foster children and adoptions. She wrote a best–selling book about caring for our children, and then she took care of them by giving all the profits to children’s charities. For thirty years, she’s been there for all our kids. She’s been a great First Lady. She’s always been there for our family. And she’ll always be there for the families of New York and America.”   ~President Bill Clinton

Bill will be having his first official campaign rally for Hillary in New Hampshire on Monday.

10 miles away from Trump’s rally.

Don’t let fear win over hope in 2016.

#teamCLINTON #teamHOPE


Reprinted with permission from Daily Kos