I spoke with Limbaugh today about climate

by Mike Stark, Daily Kos –

Wed May 07, 2014 at  9:30 AM PT: Here’s the audio:

Along with elected Republicans, I’m one of the few remaining members of Rush Limbaugh’s listenership. I’m convinced that he owns the most powerful media voice in the world, notwithstanding the wonderfully effective work done by ProgLegs and the #StopRush movement. He may be hemorrhaging advertisers and audience, but his iron grip on Republicans and their agenda persists; if you want to know what DC Republicans are going to do before they know what they are going to do, listen to Rush.

With that in mind, I tuned in this afternoon to hear him issue the GOP’s marching orders regarding the National Climate Assessment. And I figured that since I was listening anyway, I’d call his show and try to get on the air. After all, every minute of his broadcast time I use to tell the truth is a minute he can’t use to spread Republican manure.

It worked. Here’s the transcript (please don’t click):

Lib Caller Spouts BS Anti-Oil Talking Points

RUSH: McLean, Virginia.  Mike, welcome to the program, sir.  Great to have you.

CALLER:  Hi, Mr. Limbaugh.  Last time I called you mocked me as part of the liberal castrati, and I guess I still haven’t learned — learned my lesson because I’m still struck by the implausible and self-contradictory nature of your arguments.  I’ve got two examples from what you’ve talked about today.  On climate change, I don’t know how all these scientists from the National Academy of Sciences — people that brought us cell phones and the Internet and sent us into space — can be engaged in a 25-year plot to take away our freedom.  I mean, if they’re that smart, you would have thought they would have changed the topic by now. But I called to talk about —

RUSH:  I’ll be glad to explain it to you if you like.

CALLER:  I’d love for you to address it later on, but I really wanted to talk about your first story today, about the, uh —

RUSH:  It’s about scoring money from government, number one.  It’s about getting money from government, and it’s about growing government and making it bigger so you could bleed off of it and get rich.

CALLER:  That’s what everybody wants. You know, all liberals want to be controlled by our government.

RUSH:  Well, the people you’re talking about — the scientists and all these so-called people joining this “consensus” that exists out there — that’s how they get their living.

CALLER: (snickering) By inventing cell phones and sending us into space and bringing us the Internet and stuff like that? They’ve increased more freedom… They’ve given us more freedom, they’ve given us more independence from the government than they ever could take away from us.

RUSH:  Inventing the cell phone doesn’t mean that they are not little skulls full of mush when it comes to political matters —

CALLER: That’s exactly right! That’s exactly right!

RUSH: — and are malleable and bendable and shapable and formable and flakable.

CALLER:  You’re exactly right on that.  They are not political.  They just do the science and tell us what the science says.  You are the one that’s political.  Al Gore says it best.  You got all these —

RUSH:  There isn’t any science in it! That’s the whole point. It’s nothing but computer models.  There’s no science in it.

CALLER: Let’s change the subject to —

RUSH: You know what? Why do you not reject it? Why do you automatically accept it? Just because you’re told it’s a bunch of scientists, people that invented cell phones?

CALLER:  Because I went to engineering school and I know what the scientific method is. I know what peer review is.

RUSH:  They can’t prove it!

CALLER:  It’s that 25 years there’s not a huge plot.

RUSH: There’s no proof to it, Mike.  It’s all computer models.  There’s no empirical evidence of anything they’re saying.  That’s why it’s always 10 years from now, 25 years from now, a hundred years from now, ’cause it isn’t happening now, Mike.

CALLER:  That’s what the talk radio show hosts tell us. That’s what you tell us.

RUSH: (sigh) No, it’s what it is.

CALLER:  The scientists say there’s all sorts of proof. The scientists are running around —

RUSH:  It’s what is.

CALLER:  And they are not political! You are, Rush.

RUSH:  Did climate scientists invent the cell phone?  I’m still confused about that.

CALLER:  They — they… Uh, what I’m saying is these are people, members of the National Academy of Sciences. Uh, uh, you don’t get there unless you’re —

RUSH:  They are corruptible political bunch, just like the IPCC is a political bunch! Everything you’re citing has a political agenda to it, and you’re part of it.  Why don’t you just admit it?  You’re having great success with it.

CALLER: (unintelligible)

RUSH: If you are an avowed member of the New Castrati, that means you’re a liberal, and you are part of the agenda, and you’re advancing it by hook and by crook.  Why don’t you admit what it is?

CALLER:  Rush, I went to engineering school and I went to law school.  So I do both.  I’m… I’ve done science, and I’ve done politics.

RUSH:  Well, tell me something. Why is global warming political?  Why is it a political issue at all?

CALLER:  Because Republicans are intent on protecting the fossil industry (sic) because ExxonMobil just signed a deal worth $900 billion.

RUSH:  Protecting the “fossil industry”?

CALLER:  ExxonMobil has a deal worth $900 billion with Russia to drill for oil in the arctic — $900 billion!

RUSH:  So?

CALLER: You know what? The sequester was $900 billion.

RUSH: So what?  We’re gonna need oil, Mike!  There is no replacement for it.  There’s not one drop of anything we can replace it with.


RUSH:  Did you hear?  “They’re drilling for oil. The Russians are partnering with Exxon, they’re drilling for oil in the arctic.”  So what?  That’s where it happens to be.  There isn’t anything, we’re not close to replacing oil, not even close.  It’s going to be, I don’t know how long it’s gonna be, but to these people oil is the modern evil. There’s no thinking.  All of this is political.  They never address the fact that there’s no evidence. They never address that the only concern for any of this is predictions in computer models.

Let me ask you, if you’re watching TV tonight, and your local weatherman told you what the weather was gonna be 25 years from today, would you believe it?  No!  So why do people believe what a computer model says is gonna be the climate all over the world 25 years from now?  And the only way some people could be forced to believe it is if they politicize it and tailor the message to already existing political sensibilities and opinions. And then get people in groups that liberals happen to be approve of, like world bodies like the UN or the IPCC or the National Academy of Sciences, every corrupt liberal interest group you can, get them endorsing the idea, and bammo, you turn it into a political issue, and it is unequivocally true.

You leave it as a science issue and it doesn’t exist, it falls apart, there isn’t any evidence whatsoever.  […]


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