I Survived the Trump News Conference, Although Barely

by LeMuse –

Considering it my civic duty to keep informed, I watched the press conference today. Not sure what I expected but nothing changed. He had no epiphany and I was not rewarded by any “aha” moments. We will soon have a man with the attention span of a flea and the intellect of a dormouse leading this country. If anyone was masochistic enough to watch that press conference they heard The Orange Usurper boast and bloviate, strutting his overinflated ego across the national stage in front of a pack of “press puppies” eager for a bone, or even a tiny morsel.

He is nastier and more disgusting than a dung beetle. He is totally lacking in any grace, class or style. It was disgusting the way the mainstream media were begging him to take their questions. “Mr. Drumpf, Mr. Drumpf, please president-elect Drumpf, over here, me, me. me!” Kudos to Jim Acosta from CNN who went head to head with him and gave him shit…

Mr. PEOTUS brought up Clinton, Schumer, denigrated Democrats in general. Took a cheap shot at Lindsey Graham. He trotted out some dour-faced attorney Sheri Dillon, a partner in Morgan Lewis. You know, the firm that was named Russian Law Firm of the Year back in May of 2016. Anyway, she looked like she just ate a bushel of lemons before coming on stage to explain how he is separating himself from his business, which of course, he really isn’t.

She reminded us every 10 seconds that he is not obligated by law to do this but wants to show the American people how patriotic he is and how much he loves American. Oh no more, please…She also reminded us every 12 seconds about the huge sacrifice the family is making for their country in terms of lost income. I swear I could hear violins playing in the background. Poor Ivanka, poor Melania, the suffering, and deprivation they will face. OY!

There will be no blind trust. There will be no divesting. There are only promises he will not run his business, leaving it in the capable hands of Lenny and Squiggy, and we already know his word means nothing whatsoever. He has no collateral with us.

He was furious about the Intel that Russia has compromising information on him. He really went full boar on Buzzfeed and CNN. He who is without sin and pure as the driven snow…Me? Prostitutes? Golden showers? NEVER!!! Sorry, Mr. Grabembythepussy we heard you on that tape. You have a history and those of us that are not down the rabbit hole are not forgetting. And then there is that thing you have about anything gold.

He was asked for his taxes again…forgetaboutit. We have a better chance of seeing Bigfoot than those taxes. And of course, it was lies, lies, and more lies. Big lies, small lies, medium size lies. Down is up, Up is down. Don’t believe what you see, believe what I tell you. The next 4 years, get ready for a fucktastrophe. One of grand mal dimensions.

Someone I used to know lectured me yesterday about how I should be nicer to his voters, and to Republicans in general cause they ain’t all bad. Yeah? They voted for a candidate that ran a campaign of hatred and bigotry but that doesn’t mean they are bigots. “Really?” said I. Remember that old saying, you are what you eat? That goes for your vote as well. So I left her with this parting thought. Dear Drumpf voter. May a pissed off scorpion find its way into your undershorts. That is the best wish for those folks I got.


Reprinted with permission from Daily Kos