“If Hillary Were a Man.. She’d Have Been President 25 Years Ago.”

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This is an oped written for CNN by Patti Solis Doyle about Trump’s ridiculous comment that if Hillary were a man she would get no more than 5% support.

If Hillary Clinton were a man

On Tuesday night, Donald Trump argued that, “If Hillary Clinton were a man, I don’t think she’d get 5% of the vote. … The only thing she’s got going on is the women’s card.”

My immediate reaction? I threw the plum I was eating at the TV, then tweeted, “If Hillary were a man, she’d have been president 25 years ago.”

Trump’s misogynistic comments about Hillary sure have made a lot of waves, and it is safe to say that Trump is shooting himself in the foot (again) with a strong majority of women and a majority of reasonable men as he makes his highly sexist remarks that prove what a disaster as a general election candidate Trump is for the GOP.

Trump’s argument — and my reaction to it — raise an important question. Are Clinton’s accomplishments less impressive, or more impressive, because she’s a woman? How you answer should help you decide how to vote in November.

There’s really only one way to make sense of Trump’s position. He believes Clinton’s had an easier road because she’s a woman. I, on the other hand, think she’s had a tougher road, which makes her even more qualified to be President than if she were a man.

Women have road blocks to success put in their way most men aren’t subjected to.  On tone alone women have a narrow path to follow to be “acceptable”, also on style.  Men?  Whatever.  Shout, speak softly, come in a suit, look unkempt, with men it’s the SUBSTANCE that matters.

Jimmy Kimmel’s funny parody with Hillary of prevalent male attitudes and a mocking attempt at Mansplaining come to mind here:

Back to the article:

Let’s start with the facts. After graduating with honors from Wellesley and Yale Law, Clinton worked as an investigator on the Watergate Committee, taught law at The University of Arkansas,served as the chairwoman of the Legal Services Corp. (a $300 million per year enterprise, at the time), made partner at one of the country’s oldest and most respected law firms, served on theboards of three public companies, and, for many years, was theprincipal breadwinner for her family. Throw in her experience as a best-selling author, first lady, U.S. senator, secretary of state, co-chair of a global foundation, and you get the idea.

Along the way, she found time to volunteer at the Yale Child Study Center (researching early childhood development) and New Haven Hospital (helping victims of child abuse). She handled pro bono child welfare cases throughout her legal career. She founded Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families and helped lead its national partner, The Children’s Defense Fund. She led a school reform effort for teacher testing and higher standards for curriculum and class size.

What an incredible resume for the presumed nominee of the Democratic Party.  Heck, her accomplishments and “firsts” before she was ever First Lady of Arkansas and First Lady of the United States ALONE are massive qualifications for higher office.

Sexism was more blatant and acceptable back then. She was the first female partner at her law firm, the first female head of the Legal Services Corp., one of the first female professors at her law school,and the first female board member for at least one of those big companies.
Trump — heir to a real estate fortune and recipient of a $1 million loan from his father to “get started” — has nothing on Clinton, daughter of a small-business owner.
Trump is a spoiled, narcissistic brat who has declared bankruptcy four times and has left thousands of hard working people holding the bag, refused to pay them for construction services on his hotels and casinos.  In contrast Hillary is as accomplished a person as can be had, likely the most experienced and qualified candidate for the Presidency we have ever seen.
Let’s win this thing for all women and men in America, and around the world.
 Let’s shatter the toughest glass ceiling of them all.  So that the likes of sexists like Trump don’t get to sneer and have a good laugh at a woman, an incredibly accomplished woman, no less, having the audacity  to strive for the stars, when they should really “know their place” and stop being so shrill and uppity.
Reprinted with permission from Daily Kos