I’m Confused, Do Closed Contests “Disenfranchise” People Or Don’t They?

by Brainwrap –

democratic close states

I agree with that 100%.

HOWEVER, for everyone else who’s currently screaming on Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere that the NY Primary is “disenfranchising” people because it’s a closed primary, this is UTTER LUNACY.

Closed primaries have been A Thing for decades, just as caucuses have.

SHOULD all primaries be Open? I don’t think so, but you may. SHOULD caucuses be banned? I certainly think so, but you may disagree.

SHOULD New York change the affiliation deadline to make it closer to the actual primary date? Perhaps they should. Perhaps they shouldn’t.

But what you can’t do is claim that “closed primaries” are somehow #Undemocratic while simultaneously arguing that CAUCUSES, which are almost entirely closed as well (only 4 states, MN, ID, ND & WA appear to have open caucuses), and which are far more restrictive due to the long hours of standing around, etc etc involved, are somehow #Democratic.

Besides, as shown above, if you “disregard” every closed contest, I guess we can strike Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Maine, the Democrats Abroad, the Northern Marianas, Alaska and Wyoming off the list of “real” states, right?


Reprinted with permission from Daily Kos