Indiana Sex Shops Close Doors to Battle Religious Freedom Bill

Fort Wayne sex shop

Sex shop in Fort Wayne, Indiana

By Nick Vanocur, All-len-All

As opposition to Indiana’s Defense of Religion Act continues to grow, both in the social media and in the corporate world, a new group of independent small businesses have banded together to follow economic leaders like Angie’s List and the NCAA in voicing their opposition.

The controversial measure, which Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R) signed into law last Thursday, allows any individual or corporation to cite religious beliefs as a defense when sued by a private party. The legislation has already prompted threats of boycott from public officials and celebrities. “Star Trek” actor and LGBT activist George Takei expressed his outrage on Twitter using the hashtag #BoycottIndiana.

And, in an ironic twist, this measure, which was supposed to give freedom to the state’s businesses, has been attacked by the business sector of both America and Indiana every bit as much as it has raised hackles among residents and people across the nation.

Apple Computer’s chief executive Tim Cook, who came out as gay last year, said he was “deeply disappointed” with the law.

Angie’s List, a $300 million Indiana-based business, has put a $40 million, 1,000-job expansion plan on hold.

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee (D) prohibited the use of taxpayer money to fund any city employees’ trips to Indiana. And Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff has canceled the company’s events in the state.

But adding to the groundswell of protests, an independent coalition of small business has formed under the banner of “Stiff Opposition,” condemning the move.

Mary MacDelign, spokeswoman for the new group, comprised of sex shop and adult bookstore owners across Indiana, spoke to an impromptu rally of 1,200 on the capitol steps.

As the song “Good Vibrations” played in the background, MacDelign addressed the crowd, made up of both the heterosexual and LGBT communities, many wearing shirts or carrying signs that said “Hoosier Daddy!”

Although we condemn hatred and prejudice in any form, Gov. Pence and his repressive band of Bible-thumping lawmakers have, inadvertently, not left us with no choice, but rather, with the ability to battle them with their own weapons, to follow in the footsteps of intolerance and to fight fire with fire.

Let them have fire in their loins with no outlet for, as of today, April First, the doors of the state’s sex shops will be closed to all members of the straight and religious community.

Let these fools know that, starting on this day, if they wish to enter the kingdom of leather, they must mingle with the outcasts, just as Jesus did.

If these fools of April wish to cast their eyes to the heavens and yell ‘Oh God! Oh God!’ as they are enveloped by rapture, and need our help, they will find our doors as closed as the doors were to Joseph and Mary, as closed to their needs as their minds are closed to the needs of others who may appear to be different to them on the outside yet the same underneath, as Jesus preached.

Let the so-called ‘Christian’ warmongers remember the words of the great American journalist Edward R. Murrow who said that ‘We cannot defend freedom abroad by deserting it at home.’

And let them remember that they threw the first stone and yet, were they truly without sin? For in the eyes of Jesus, is it not a sin not to love your brother?

“And if the churchgoers cannot practice love, let them remember that the members of Indiana’s sex industry, Stiff Opposition, had no problem rising to the challenge.

So let them remember April Fool’s Day as the day the sex shops closed their doors to the closed-minded and that our doors will stay shut until this hateful law is repealed and all the so-called ‘Christians’ know, what they have wrought, what day this is, and ‘Hoosier Daddy!’ ”

Nick Vanocur is All-len-All’s political satire writer, whose column “From The Desk of NickiLeaks” may be found here on an irregularly regular basis.