Infamous Climate Denier Falls Apart After Bill Nye Makes Him A $20,000 Bet He Knows He’ll Lose (VIDEO)

by Jameson Parker –


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Bill Nye was this close to participating in a debate on climate change with Sarah Palin, only to find out that he wasn’t invited to the panel… But in a recently aired teaser for an interview with Marc Morano, the organizer of the climate denial panel, it’s obvious to see why the group was terrified to let Nye on the stage with an intellectual lightweight like Sarah Palin – Nye mopped the floor with Morano’s tired arguments and didn’t even break a sweat.

In a two-and-a-half minute clip of a lengthier interview, Nye gets Morano, a man whom Media Matters named the “Climate Change Misinformer of the Year” in 2012, to admit that the world is warming. Then he asks the outspoken denier to put his money where his mouth and winds up demonstrating just how little confidence Morano has in his own radical position.

Nye: Would you take the bet? 2016 will be among the hottest of the last 10 years and that [between] 2010 and 2020 will be the hottest decade on record?

Morano: No. I would agree with both of those, but I would say it’s a meaningless stat because it’s tenths of a degree.

Nye points out that even tenths of a degree each year means major changes in climate over the next few decades. Morano, who comes from the school of “Let future generations worry about it” is again stumped when Nye flips the narrative by focusing on his children and the future he is building for them.

“Bear in mind, your reputation in the mainstream is a guy who will do almost anything to win. Your children go to school, they have access to the internet, they see your history, what you’ve said about people. Your publishing of emails. You’ve even encouraged harassment. I agreed to do this interview because I think it will expose your point of view as very much in the minority, and very much not in our national interest and not in the world’s interest. And as I say again, I’m very concerned about your kids.”

Morano is known as the guy who most vehemently pushed the bogus story that climate scientists were faking data to promote the climate change agenda. He operates almost exclusively outside of reality. Last year he threw an epic temper tantrum on Fox News after learning that Google planned to tweak their search algorithm to account for “factual validity” because he assumed (correctly, let’s be fair) that his work would be pushed to the very bottom.

The full-time propagandist recently produced and hosted a new documentary called “Climate Hustle” which he and friend Sarah Palin have billed the right-wing’s response to Al Gore’s Oscar-winning An Inconvenient Truth. Morano said the film “delivers a powerful presentation of dissenting science, best of all, in a humorous way.” Adding: “This film may change the way you think about ‘global warming.’”

According to an exclusive by Variety , Palin will be participating in an event that features a screening of the film and then a panel discussion afterwards. It will be hosted by Republican Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas (another denier) and Palin – who once described oil, gas, and minerals as “those things that God has dumped on this part of the earth [Alaska] for mankind’s use instead of us relying on unfriendly foreign nations.” They’re not exactly playing with a full deck.

Nye has a reputation for tearing ignorant opponents to shreds during debates. He recently put on a master class during a much-publicized debate with creationist theme park owner Ken Ham, in which he not only emerged the victor, but probably even changed a few minds in a crowd of deeply religious Ham fans.

Nye already seems pretty confident that despite not being invited to appear in person, his interview with Morano says it all. On Twitter, he trolled Morano after the teaser for the contentious interview between the two aired showing that Morano would not accept Nye’s bet of $20,000.

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Climate denier (extreme doubter) won’t take the bets ’cause he knows what’s up re: global temperatures. 

It was originally reported that Nye would be in attendance at the event to square off against Palin, this unfortunately isn’t true. Instead, audiences will get to listen to Palin ramble on about polar bears and drill, baby, drill with nobody there to call her on her misinformation. It is, without a doubt, a major missed opportunity.


Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info