Jake Tapper Blasts Trump’s ‘Do A Lot More With Less’ Line: Does A Weekly Visit To Palm Beach Qualify? (VIDEO)

by Shannon Barber –

Jake Tapper has just about had it with Donald Trump. The feisty host of CNN’s The Lead infamously took Trump’s top liar spin doctor, White House Counsel Kellyanne Conway, through a wood chipper for lying to him on air, and even banned her from his show briefly. He also rails Trump daily. Friday’s subject? How much Trump is costing taxpayers with his weekly trips to his swanky Florida resort, Mar-A-Lago.

Tapper first played the line in one of Trump’s speech where he insisted that he and his staff would “do a lot more with less” for the American people. Tapper says after the clip:

“Do a lot more with less. Presidents are certainly entitled to take a day off, but any deficit hawk would ask: is a weekly visit to Palm Beach doing a lot more with less? It takes Marine One, Air Force One, and motorcades to get the president to his posh oceanside estate, along with intense Secret Service protection. There happens to be another presidential retreat, much closer and cheaper – that of course would be Camp David. It’s already set up to be a working White House, and has security protocols in place. Some presidents used the Maryland site more than others, but Camp David is costing taxpayers millions to maintain, while it sits dormant.” 

Then, Tapper hands it over to another CNN reporter, and informs us that Trump’s weekly trips have already cost us more than $10 million in just the five weeks he’s been in office.

This is outrageous. Isn’t there a way the Secret Service or someone can inform Trump that this isn’t his money, or his private plane, that others are paying for this – most of them being people who absolutely despise him? Tapper is right to call Trump out, and it doesn’t look like it will be stopping anytime soon.

Watch the epic rant below:


Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info