Japan Just Broke Its Own High Speed Rail Record — US Isn’t Even in Conversation


By Walter Einenkel, Daily Kos

The Japanese maglev trains are fast. They run over 300 mph pretty easily. Japan also holds the existing speed record for a train at 361 mph. Last week they broke that record.

The train reportedly carried 29 engineers during its run. Unfortunately, the record is only expected to last until next Tuesday when JR Central hopes to spur the magnetically propelled commuter train past 372 mph (600 kph). Also unfortunate is the fact that normal passengers will likely never be able to experience these exhilarating speeds — unless something goes horribly wrong. The rail company plans to limit the trains to a pokey 313 mph for regular service when they come online in 2027. But even at these speeds, commuters could make it from Tokyo to Nagoya in about 40 minutes (less than half the time today’s fastest bullet trains require). The company even has aspirations to export this technology to America – specifically as a high-speed rail line running between New York City and Washington DC.

Only 313 mph? I want my money back! The United States is still stuck in made up boondoggles to catch up with futuristic countries like China and Mexico.

Video of the Japanese maglev train going crazy fast below:

Reprinted with permission from Daily Kos


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