Jeb Says ‘People Should Work Longer Hours’ (VIDEO)

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Proving just how out of touch with Americans he actually is, and proving exactly whose interests he represents (hint: it’s not the average working guy/gal), Jeb Bush (Jeb!) actually said Americans need to work longer hours and in turn, they would “gain more income.”

No, really. He actually said that.

In an interview with New Hampshire’s Union Leader as reported by ABC News, was live-streamed on the app Periscope, Jeb! was answering a question about tax reform. He said:

My aspiration for the country and I believe we can achieve it, is 4 percent growth as far as the eye can see. Which means we have to be a lot more productive, workforce participation has to rise from its all-time modern lows. It means that people need to work longer hours and, through their productivity, gain more income for their families. That’s the only way we’re going to get out of this rut that we’re in.”

The problem with these statements is this: They’re wrong. Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Jeb! is wrong.


Mother Jones ran an article in 2011 that provided data from three decades of work in the United States. The charts show productivity continues to increase in the country. Even more telling is how much more the income of the 1 percent has grown since 1979 than the overall wages of workers. While the super rich have experienced over a 240 percent increase in income, with an increased productivity during three decades that equated to an 80 percent increase – wages for everyone else basically flatlined.

It doesn’t seem like harder work (that increased productivity) did much for gaining more income for people’s families. Does it?

Image via Mother Jones

I wonder how Jeb! interprets this as productivity being down?

Full-Time Hours

Jeb! also mentioned workforce participation, almost implying that many Americans just don’t want to work full-time jobs and are slacking when it comes to hours on the job. Of course, we all know nothing could be further from the truth. Just last year, Americans responded to a Gallup poll that they average 47 hours per week on their full-time jobs. Out of those respondents, only 8 percent said they worked less than 40 hours per week, 42 percent reported working 40 hours per week, 11 percent fell into the 41-49 hour work week, 21 percent stated they gave their employers 50-59 hours in a week, and a surprising 18 percent were dedicated to a 60 or more hour work week.

That hardly sounds like a workforce that is apt to shy away from long hours. Who does he think he is speaking about?

Part-Time Workers

Perhaps Jeb! is referring to the large amount of part-time workers we now have in our country. Many of these workers are seeking full-time employment, are underemployed, and would jump at the opportunity of putting in longer hours. Yet, the “job creators” often use their full-time jobs as pawns for political gains. How many times have we heard the song and dance that if employers are required to pay a living wage or provide *gasp* health insurance, they would have to resort to having a part-time work force or lay off workers? This isn’t because providing livable wages or benefits is going to put Wal-Mart or McDonald’s out of business. This is because there are greedy money hoarders at the top that couldn’t possibly stand to take a couple million dollar pay cut off their already ridiculously fat salaries.

But sure, Jeb! continue to place blame on American’s underemployment on our workers. Tell them they just need to “work a bit harder,” but don’t expect the majority of America to reward you with their vote come Election Day.

Watch Jeb!’s remarks here:


Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info


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