Jeb’s Taxes Reveal a Wealthy Man who Thrived in the Great Recession and Donated Little

by Kerry Eleveld –

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Jeb Bush made good Tuesday on his promise to do an unprecedented dump of 33 years of taxes. Let’s hit some highlights from Richard Rubin and Michael Bender:

Jeb got filthy rich after leaving office in 2007

Jeb Bush made $29 million in the first seven years after he left public office, dramatically increasing his wealth during a recession, a financial crisis and the Obama presidency he has criticized.Bush’s tax returns, released Tuesday, show how the former Florida governor set up a successful consulting and speaking business and plowed the profits into an array of investments including offshore holdings and business ventures in the shipping and oil industries.

Jeb’s Lehman Brothers association (mental note: need to know more)

Among the biggest sources of Bush’s expanding wealth after leaving the governor’s office in 2007 were a contract with Lehman Brothers in 2007 and 2008 before the firm went bankrupt and a similar arrangement with Barclays Plc. Lehman paid Bush about $1.3 million a year and Barclays paid him about $2 million a year through 2014, according to the campaign.

Jeb’s a coveted public speaker (a surprise finding given his campaign roll out)

Bush also made $8.1 million giving speeches from 2007 to 2013 to groups including the National Potato Council, the Minnesota Bankers Association and Pfizer Inc. Since the beginning of 2014, he has earned another $1.8 million from speeches, according to a list released by the campaign.

Not a super charitable guy (guess those Christian values only extend to interfering in other people’s personal lives)

From 2007 to 2013, the Bushes gave a total of $431,056 to charity, or about 1.5 percent of their adjusted gross income. In 2011, Romney, who is much wealthier than Bush, donated more than 29 percent of his income to charity. The Obamas donated 14.8 percent last year.


Reprinted with permission from Daily Kos


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