Joe Biden Gives A Truly Presidential Speech On LGBT Rights (VIDEO)

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For years the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community has been taking baby steps with our elected leaders. We’ve been cautious knowing the perfect time to press them, and the perfect time to be respectful.

Tonight, Vice President Joe Biden stood before 3500 LGBT activists and allies and championed the work of the community and challenged us to the next steps.

He began with a story about him and his father seeing two men in a parking lot. It seemed like one of them was going to work, the most normal, everyday kind of action. They kissed each other goodbye and parted ways. Biden said his father told him, “Joey, they are in love with each other. It’s that simple.” He was always raised to believe that all love was love. Biden said of the Supreme Court ruling this June:

“You left the Supreme Court absolutely no choice, no choice whatsoever but to recognize the simple proposition my father taught me 50 years ago. And I mean that. The very fact that we finally recognize that love is not a political matter, it’s a basic human right, the fact that we recognize that is because of you. … You’ve changed the world in which my grandchildren will grow up. …You did so much more than anything those of us in public life ever did.”

Biden reminded us that we are in the majority. Americans stand with us in the right for LGBT couples to be with their spouses in hospital rooms, to be able to post photos of their weddings on Facebook and not be fired the next day from work, to be able to marry to begin with. He continued:

“The American people are already with you. Look at the numbers. Oh, there are homophobes still left. Most of the are running for President, I think.”

The crowd laughed and applauded at that.

Biden mentioned specific things he wants to see in a more LGBT-friendly world. Eradicating homelessness among LGBT youth, which Biden said too often comes because teens are kicked out of their homes. Another was the next great battle for human rights, which Biden said are transgender rights, going much further than even the White House has previously on the issues facing the trans community.

Biden also honored LGBT soldiers, and said that it was wrong for anyone to have ever been dishonorably discharged simply for being LGBT. He said there are plans in the works for the White House to reverse those dishonorable discharges for all through history who were removed from the military for being gay.

What was noticeable for a potential presidential run, was the slight detour to talk about a freedom from violence. The Vice President is known for being an advocate for domestic violence awareness, but he took a moment to speak out for sensible gun control to help stop mass shootings.

“Whether that be at the hand of another person or the bullet of a gun. This week, we were shocked once again by senseless violence,” Biden said, nodding to policies he worked on after the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. “I will to continue to speak until it is passed.”

The only hint the audience got at a possible Presidential race was when Biden stepped out on stage to a few people chanting “Run, Joe, Run!”

“A number of you have said to me over the last three or four years…” and then he trailed off. Someone in the crowd shouted, “You should run!”

“No, didn’t say that,” Biden said, looking down at his speech followed by a beaming smile. “Anyway, what was I saying?”

It was one of the top speeches I’ve seen my favorite leader give. For those of us who still have things beyond same-sex marriage we’re fighting for, having him acknowledge them was important. It felt like he wasn’t just paying a lip service to the LGBT community, but was honestly standing with us in solidarity ready to fight for the causes we hold dear.

Watch this amazing speech below:


Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info