Julian Assange Investigated for Online Grooming of 8-Year-Old Girl

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The Ecuador Embassy in London where Julian Assange has been living since June 2012 has cut his internet access (as reported by Wikileaks).

Leading up to this action, and possibly related: a dating site toddandclare.com contracted Assange earlier this year (they say he approached them) to work with them on their KATIA project, “a safety tool for women planning to go on a date with someone online.” He allegedly used the site for nefarious purposes that perhaps upset his hosts.

Toddandclare became a participant in the UN Global Compact program in May 2016. This required them to release certain company records to the UN, including details of their legal interactions with Assange — which by then included a report from the Royal Bahamas Police about an investigation into Assange. (Assange is no longer involved in KATIA.)

On September 28 this year a Canadian family holidaying in the Bahamas reported to the police that their 8-year-old daughter was “sexually molested online” by Assange on Toddandclare.com, including propositioning her “to perform oral and anal sex acts.” She was presumably accessing the site through her 22-year-old sister’s account. Whether these chats were recorded or not isn’t clear but the family claims they identified Assange.

A description of the investigation (as summarized by Toddandclare) is linked from this tweet:

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Has Julian had his internet cut off due to claims of online sexual grooming? Case pending.

[Edited with quote] From the report by Toddandclare (based on their understanding of the police investigation — note the father of the girl contacted them on September 28):

“We understand Julian Assange was clearly photo- and video- identified in the chatlogs by both the parents of the juvenile, [and the] Social Services worked involved…

“We understand the family reported to the Bahamas authorities that Mr Assange sent the 8-year-old juvenile (i) unlawful, indecent images and video media of himself performing lewd sex acts on a mobile camera device, and (ii) unlawful obscenity materials of a child pornographic nature.”

The final clause notwithstanding, it’s not clear as yet whether he knew he was interacting with an 8-year-old or thought it was the 22-year-old account holder.

[Edited with further links]

Toddandclare (T&C Network Solutions) filed a report to the UN asking them to essentially reconsider their support of Assange (earlier this year a UN Working Group made a decision that Assange’s “detention” was “arbitrary” and that he should be released and compensated). That link is to a google cache of the document, as the UN removed it from their site and redirected the link to a generic page.

Toddandclare in an October 11 press release said they “started UK court proceedings in October 2016 against Julian Assange, with UK court reference C9QZ4K3T, after learning of an ongoing Royal Bahamas Police Force Investigation” into the allegations against Assange.

To clarify another point: The company claims Assange approached them in June this year about working on the KATIA project as an anti-rape ambassador. The above lawsuit relates to breach of contract.

Toddandclare joined the UN’s Global Compact program in May 2016 and was delisted on October 12th — the reason given is “Other reason related to the Integrity Measures”. This angered the company — they consider this to be “defamatory” (see their blog post); in addition they invested substantial money into training staff to meet the requirements of belonging to the UN program.

Toddandclare Facebook post relating to the Bahamas investigation (actually open letter to the Canadian PM Trudeau) alleging the Bahamas Police swept the investigation “under the rug” and leaked the story to a UK tabloid (via its US editor), resulting in the social services woman now denying meeting the family or housing them for a month (I can’t see that the Sun published anything online; perhaps in print?); and alleging the UN delisted them due directly to a friend of Assange’s at the UN (Mads Andenas) intervening.

 From PRnewswire on 13 Oct, Todd Hammond of Toodandclare.com said from their Houston office:

On page 8 of our UN report, we say we’d been warned by Wikileaks to expect actions on our UN membership if we didn’t drop our UK court case. Our UN delisting means the attacks have started.

The report also claims the company has become the target of “cyber warfare”, and their 20+ female employees were advised to remove their social media presence from Facebook etc.


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