Kaine Is Not “Safe” Pick – Hillary Is Going For A Rout

by Reinvented Daddy –

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The auto-correct on every article/post/tweet on the choice by Next President Hillary Clinton of Senator Tim Kaine to be her Veep has been “safe choice who will work well with her”…

BALDERDASH !!  (said with a “harrumph”)

Sen. Kaine was chosen because Hillary is throwing the long bomb.  Madame Badass is going for the North Carolina Strategy.  Donald Trump has not pivoted and proved Thursday night that he will be as insanely vitriolic as ever throughout the general election.  This means Clinton doesn’t need to shore up her Left… The Donald will keep doing that for her up to election day.  After his convention is there any doubt that ALL progressives will rally against Trump?  Hells no.

Heck, after this week many Reds will be rallying against Trump.

This guy is threatening the sitting Republican governor of a swing state he desperately needs to win this fall, knowing that he’s depending on the state party to do most of the legwork for his skeletal ground-game operation. Does he have clinical brain damage?

                                                            Allahpundit (conservative and  Trump-supporter)

YES HE DOES!  (said with “WTF, of course hands in the air)

Donald J. Trump spent the week scaring every white rural male in ‘Merica with tales of rabid colored folk (all colors but pink… and orange count).  We learnt that unemployment and violent crime have gone way up the past 8 years and police are fighting a running street battle for control of our cities.  Our taxes are the highest in the world while wages for “real Americans” is now, apparently, below that of Mexico… which is populated by brilliant deal-makers who have robbed us blind.

The only people more scared than white, rural, male “real Americans” are ….

EVERY FREAKIN’ BODY ELSE!  (Barked while reeling around the room in a Sam Kinison homage)

Madame Secretary knows she doesn’t need to rally the base because Trump is a human-base-rallying -bomb.  I do not worry that my son will vote for Gary Johnson this November if there is a snowball’s chance Donnie Darko could win.  Ohio is going to be a wasteland for Trump thanks to John Kasich.  Pennsylvania will not be close.  Sanders (my very moderate wife pick) or Warren (mine) might gin up the base an iota but Hillary is pushing this campaign deeper into rebel territory than General Sherman.

I call it the North Carolina strategy because Kaine’s Virginia is probably already baked in the Blue cake.  Hillary is going to play for all the college educated non-crazies in the middle who agree with the Washington Post, that Trump is a very real threat to the nation.

Kaine is as progressive as a VP needs to be.  This will be the Clinton White House.  Kaine doesn’t believe in abortion for example, but he believes that isn’t his decision to make for a woman.  That’s how it’s supposed to work.  You can talk to moderated independents and Republicans like that and get your point across.  A lot of us think of Howard Dean as a great progressive, and we love the notion of his 50-state strategy but we forget how many blue-dogs he recruited to give Nancy Pelosi her gavel.  You can’t mock the gun rack and ask for the vote at the same time.

A lot has been made that Kaine speaks spanish.  A former Jesuit student he also speaks religion.  A former mayor and governor of Virginia, he speaks Southern (not the accent, the intent).  He is an unintimidating bridge to a middle ‘Merica that doesn’t have a rational party anymore.  Ask the right way and North Carolina is ours, Arizona and Georgia can be ours, Texas can be ours.  Both houses of Congress can be ours.

Hill ain’t playing it safe… she’s going  for a landslide, people.


Reprinted with permission from Daily Kos