KKK Hold ‘Flag Heritage’ Rally, Use Gorilla Taunts: ‘I’ll Hang Your Black Ass’

By  Addicting Info

The KKK went through with their promise to hold a White Power rally directly on the steps of the statehouse in Columbia, South Carolina, on Saturday, to protest the removal of the Confederate flag. The group, the Loyal White Knights, based in Pelham, N.C.calls itself the “largest Klan in America.” Governor Nikki Haley begged people to avoid going to the statehouse to prevent any confrontation from occurring, but the urge to speak out against the KKK in a symbolic setting proved too potent. Instead, the Black Panthers and hundreds, if not thousands of citizens showed up, to carry on a rally of their own denouncing racism and white supremacy.

That’s when things started to get ugly.

Hundreds of Klan members were given police protection and allowed to spew their hate speech against blacks freely while the majority in the crowd remained barricaded from the Capitol steps. While many people didn’t think this made any sense – allowing the KKK to have the main stage while roping off everyone else – this at least kept fights from ensuing. And, they did apply for a permit to hold an organized rally, as did other groups. As effective as this was for safety precautions, it didn’t do anything to calm nerves or an ugly exchange of words.

One KKK member gave an interview saying the reason they were there was to express what the Confederate flag’s meant to them.

“We’re trying to get the point across that the flag represents heritage. A lot of my people died for that flag.”

It’s hard to take that argument seriously, especially when their main chants included the terms “white power” and “white supremacy.” That position also went to hell when several members of the KKK made it their priority to openly engage and taunt African Americans gathering in the crowds with ape-like gestures and noises.

“You’re a fucking nigger. Ohh, Ahh, Ahh.”

Another Klansman was caught on camera saying “I’ll hang your black ass” while buddies of his yelled in the background “It’s a white revolution.”
They even started with the chicken jokes:

“I love the Colonel. Hey; I love Colonel Sanders….BOY.”

Roy Pemberton, a senior Klansman, helped organize the effort in part by trolling suburban parking lots at Wal-Marts, Home Depots, and Krogers. He was looking for as many pro-white supporters as he could find to make a grand showing for the event. The 62-year-old, who swears that he’s “just trying to save our heritage,” picked up many recruits, almost all of them middle-aged white men.  He handed them business cards that read “Racial Purity is America’s Security.”
Pemberton also was caught yelling at a man who wanted nothing to do with him or his cause:

“They take our flag, soon they’ll take your wife.”

This just proves what everyone has known all along. The flag does not represent heritage, at all. People who parade around valiantly with the Confederate flag are doing it, mainly, to show their hatred for blacks. In fact, the Washington Post confirmed this with a data analysis after a debate was sparked on this issue following the slaughter nine black church members by a white supremacist. Most southerners aren’t even that well versed in American history. And, the ones that are tend to be less likely to support the Confederate flag.

While it’s a good thing that people are still allowed to speak up about their beliefs, it’s also important to note that this doesn’t represent the attitudes of most of the population. The rally might have played into the hands of the media, as being a big show, but the Klan’s influence has been dwindling for quite some time. Today, members of the KKK no longer yield political power in a way that they once did. And, their support for the Confederate flag actually hurts other groups that support it.

One compelling picture that is making its rounds on the internet is of a black police officer named Leroy Smith helping a white supremacist who got heat exhaustion. This powerful display of affection just shows that the best way to combat racism is through love, not hate.

SC trooper racist

Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info