Lewis Black Gets Angrier Than Usual After Learning About Voter ID Laws: ‘No F*cking Way!’ (VIDEO)

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Lewis Black may be one of the pioneers of rage-comedy, but he’s also been experimenting with rage-political activism. In a new video released by the ACLU, the comic loses it over voter ID laws and their ability to stifle votes. It’s also really funny.

Black has taken politicians to task for their ineptitude for years on The Daily Show and in his stand-up specials. He once quipped that George W. Bush was such a failure that his resume read like that of a comedian’s, not a president’s — so his foray into the ways Republicans have tried to prevent people from being able to vote is not that surprising.

Here’s the video:

I mean, who is denying people the right to vote?” Black asked ACLU’s Voting Right’s lawyer Dale Ho in the video. Ho points out that, actually lots of people are.

In the last few years, many states have spent a ton of energy on making it harder for citizens to vote. In some cases, that means shutting down early voting or restricting the number of hours that polls are open. In other cases, politicians have enacted laws requiring photo IDs to be used, despite many people not having one and never needing them before.

Lewis Black does what he does best: gets mad and spits truth.

“Elected officials shouldn’t get to choose who gets to choose elected officials,” he yells. For the record, I looked up that line assuming it had to have come from somewhere and apparently, that is the first time someone has said that, and it may be my new favorite sentence.

“Look, people marched and fought and died for the right to vote, and they want to legislate away that sacrifice to stay in power? Not on my watch, baby.”

Ho adds that voter ID is bad for democracy, but it’s also expensive and unnecessary, as well.

“Voter ID like they tried to implement in Wisconsin costs money. It essentially is a poll tax.”

The only kind of tax you’ll ever see Republicans lining up to support.

And while that may sound like a colossal waste, politicians know what they are doing. If the goal is prevent people who would kick them out of office from voting, these new restrictions are remarkably effective.

In a study that should surprise absolutely no one, researchers discovered that voter ID laws have a major negative effect on election turn out. It’s even more pronounced for minorities and young people; two groups that overwhelming vote more progressively. According to the study, which looked at two states with new voter ID laws — Kansas and Tennessee — compared to similar states with no new laws and found that 122,000 fewer people voted exclusively because of the laws.

If you think that doesn’t seem like a big deal, just remember that George W. Bush, with the resume of a stand-up comedian, won Florida in the 2000 election by just 537 votes.

Voting matters and we should all share Black’s outrage. No way is this happening on our watch.

Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info