‘Likelihood For Blood Will Be High’: Anti-Muslim Nut Threatens Violence At Farrakhan Event

Jon Ritzheimer really hates Muslims, and he doesn’t make any secret of it, either. This is the man responsible for a hilarious failure of an anti-Muslim gathering in Phoenix, but he has not given up. Ritzheimer took to his Facebook page to go on a frighteningly unhinged rant about what he plans to do at a Louis Farrakhan event this fall.

The event, which is to take place on October 9th and October 10th, 2015, has enraged this man to the point where he swears on video that he’s “f*cking had it,” and he plans to do something about those awful Muslims exercising their right to gather peacefully. He wrote in a deranged rant on his Facebook page:

“Prepare yourself for 10-9 / 10-10!!!! The likelihood for blood will be high. True colors will be shown once again when we step up to this common enemy who attacks humanity daily and enslaves it’s [sic] followers.”

That’s just the top of the iceberg, though. Ritzheimer completely lost his shit in a video he filmed with an assault rifle and a typical redneck pickup truck with confederate flags all over it in a desert setting, presumably somewhere in Arizona, as he screamed about the “billions” going to Iran in the nuclear deal:

“If you think that money isn’t going to go into killing Americans, killing Israelis, you’re f*cking nuts. To our government, are you that naive? Are you that f*cking naive? Or is it that maybe you are traitors and you should be tried for treason.”

After he was done with his anti-government rant, Ritzheimer turned his attentions to Louis Farrakhan:

“Louis Farrakhan, you’re planning a little rally in Washington D.C. I challenge you this, mother*cker. Come here to Arizona. Come here where we live by the Constitution. Come here where we’re allowed to have guns! And we’re allowed to shoot and carry them openly to protect ourselves and liberty and our pursuit of happiness!”

That, along with what he wrote on Facebook, sounds like an open and affirmative threat of violence to me, and this guy seems like he’s just crazy enough to do it. The really awful thing about it all is that we all know that if that were a black or brown person, particularly one of Middle Eastern descent in this particular context, ranting on social media about killing people they don’t like, that person would be UNDER the jail before the video was even uploaded.

The fact that this Ritzheimer fool is just some crazy white dude who just so happens to have ties to clearly terroristic militia groups like the Oath Keepers and Three Percenters is just a slight inconvenience to our white supremacist-influenced people in positions of authority. This man is a clearly unhinged individual with a lot of guns and a serious axe to grind. That, along with his multiple video threats, should be enough to have him hauled in for questioning, and to have his guns confiscated. That won’t happen, though, because he’s white.

Hopefully, his antics at the Farrakhan event will be as much of a complete failure as his attempts to sell t-shirts that said “Fuck Islam” at the rally he held that no one showed up to, and his pleas for $10 million from like-minded “patriots” so he could protect himself and his family and fellow Americans from the imaginary Muslim bogey men who live in his head.

If he pulls this off and people get hurt, or worse, killed, nobody can say there wasn’t plenty of warning. This one would definitely be on the heads of the authorities.

Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info