Lilly Ledbetter Endorses Hillary Clinton For President!

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TO GO WITH AFP STORY US-EMPLOYMENT by Fanny Carrier Lilly Ledbetter is shown 25 January 2008 in front of the US Capitol in Washington,DC. Ten years ago, someone slipped an anonymous note into Lilly Ledbetter's locker and the tire factory worker learned that she was being paid less than her male counterparts who were doing the same work. Ledbetter took her case all the way to the US Supreme Court, but never received compensation. Today, she is leading the charge to change the laws that allow men to be paid more than women who do the same work. In 1979, Ledbetter was hired as a shift supervisor in a Goodyear tire factory in Gadsen, Alabama. She worked the night shift for nearly 20 years. Her strong work ethic gained her the respect of her subordinates.AFP PHOTO/FANNY CARRIER (Photo credit should read Fanny Carrier/AFP/Getty Images)

Lilly Ledbetter, a great champion and fighter for equal pay, for equal work, has endorsed Hillary for President! This is a very strong endorsement for Hillary!


Hillary Clinton won the endorsement Friday of the woman behind federal legislation making it easier for women to challenge their employers over unequal pay.

Lilly Ledbetter, namesake of the first law President Obama signed in 2009, said Clinton is a “fierce and uncompromising champion for women, for basic fairness, and for opportunity for everyone.”

The Clinton campaign was announcing the presidential endorsement Friday, the seventh anniversary of the law loosening time limits for lawsuits over unequal pay. Clinton frequently invokes Ledbetter’s story in her campaign speeches, and notes that women are typically paid roughly 20 percent less than men for the same work.

“We have got to have equal pay for equal work,” Clinton said Thursday, as she campaigned in Iowa.

Lilly’s entire endorsement at the link below. I included a couple of snippets.…

Our next president can either build on the progress we’ve made and go even further—or dismiss this important issue. Women across this country need more than rhetoric; they need action—they need a fighter in the White House.

I firmly believe Hillary Clinton will be that fighter.

Hillary has spent decades fighting to advance women’s rights and economic opportunities. We fought side by side to pass the Lilly Ledbetter Act, which she co-sponsored in the United States Senate, and she has been a tireless champion for the Paycheck Fairness Act—legislation that would go even further to address the pay gap. And she’s put issues like equal pay, affordable child care, paid leave, and reproductive rights front and center in her campaign. 

Hillary understands that these issues can’t be dismissed or pushed to the sidelines. They’re not just “social issues”—they’re fundamental to our country’s economic future, and they are at the heart of everything she’s fighting for on this campaign. For Hillary, this is about more than politics—it’s personal. She just gets it, plain and simple.

Of all the candidates in this race, she is the one we can count on to be a fierce and uncompromising champion for women, for basic fairness, and for opportunity for everyone. She’s not just a steadfast supporter of issues that affect women’s lives; she’s someone who has been there. She doesn’t just say the right things; she does the right things. And when it comes to finally closing the gender pay gap once and for all, that will make a world of difference.

Hillary Clinton


“Women across this country need more than rhetoric; they need action.” —@Lilly_Ledbetter 


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