Marco Rubio Caught Openly Violating Ethics Rules By Begging For Money On Fox News From Inside The Senate (VIDEO)

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Marco Rubio could be in a world of trouble for violating ethics rules, and there is incriminating video to prove it via Fox News.

On Tuesday night, Rubio took part in an interview with Neil Cavuto from inside the Russell Senate Office Building.

Of course, this happens all the time, and you will often see lawmakers talk to media outlets via satellite feed. The only problem is that Rubio did something that is strictly forbidden by Senate ethics rules.

As Rubio spoke to Fox News about his campaign, he very clearly begged for campaign donations and directed viewers to his campaign website to help him raise more money.

“I knew we wouldn’t be the leading fundraiser in this race, because we are not the top choice of the entrenched political establishment. But I’m confident we have the resources and continue to build the resources to be able to communicate our message. And obviously if somebody watching this program wants to help us, they should go to and chip in.

Rubio clearly solicited donations during the interview, and that wouldn’t have been a problem if he had been sitting with Cavuto at Fox News Headquarters and or had been talking to him outside. But he was inside the Senate building at the time and the video proves it.

Here’s the video via YouTube. Rubio begs for money at the 5:45 mark.

This would be an easy ethics violation case if the Democrats choose to call for an investigation. After all, Senate rules are very strict about Senate members fundraising inside federal buildings. The U.S. Select Committee on Ethics’ campaign guidelines General Appropriations statute, 31 U.S.C § 1301 states:

Senate Members and staff may not receive or solicit campaign contributions in any federal building.

And since Rubio appeared on Fox News while standing inside the Senate building, he obviously broke the rules. An investigation should be immediately launched and since there is video evidence of the violation, there should definitely be a punishment handed down.

This is definitely an open and shut case.


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