Marco Rubio Turns Into A Giant Fail Pile When Asked About His Missed Vote Record (VIDEO)

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U.S. Senator Rubio announces bid for the Republican nomination in the 2016 U.S. presidential election race during speech in Miami

Mark Rubio failed miserably at trying to explain away his outrageously high number of missed votes in the Senate on Sunday,during an interview on CNN. CNN’s Jamie Gangel pressed him on why the young Senator missed nearly approximately 40% of Senate votes this year.

Rubio said that running his campaign was the main reason for missing nearly 60 votes this year. Gangel countered, by comparing Rubio to other Senators running in the primary election. She cited Senators Bernie Sanders and Rand Paul, who have only missed ten votes each this year.

Rubio then said that those votes did not matter, seeing as they will just get vetoed by President Obama. He implied that it is a much better use of his time to be running for president, rather than working in the Senate. So, he shouldn’t be doing his job because he has more important things to do. Which sums up how Congressional Republicans feel about their jobs in general these days. If they can’t do things the hard way and work with the President, they might as well do nothing at all.

Gangrel then points out that Rubio has gone on record as saying that federal employees should be fired for not doing their job.

“Someone might say you’re not showing up, you’re not doing your job by voting,” Gangel said.

“Not true, not true,” Rubio said.

“You don’t think you’re in a glass house?” Gangel asked.

“Voting is not the only part of the Senate job,” Rubio said. “I mean, the most important thing a senator does is constituent service. We’re still involved in looking out for Florida’s issues.”

“I was just there this Tuesday,” Rubio said. “I got fully briefed and caught up on everything that’s happening in the world. I’m fully aware.”

Rubio, like many Republicans don’t hold themselves to the standards that they hold for others. Their part of an elite group of people who don’t think the rules apply to them, but they sure try to demonize anyone who is just trying to make a living. Hence why we have a U.S. Senator who sounds like a child who was caught skipping school on national television.

You can watch the clip, below.


Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info