Marriage Equality Wins! Religious Right Already Looking For The Next Issue To Be ‘Outraged’ About

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The Fat Smug Bastard is going to be smugger than ever when he reads this. It really is all over except for the kicking and screaming:

The far-right movement, whose torch is carried in Congress by the likes of Senator Ted Cruz and on America’s backroads by 2012 presidential candidate Rick Santorum, has failed to stem the tide of same-sex marriage rights that has now reached 19 of the 50 US states.… “They are winning the war” over gay marriage, Religious Freedom Coalition chairman William Murray said of the Democrats. “It’s just not an issue that politically can be done anymore,” the 68-year-old told AFP, adding that US courts will take the next key steps.

But just because some of the smarter conservative “Christians” are throwing in the towel doesn’t mean the rest are going to go gently into that pink night. There is exactly zero chance that the rank and file social conservatives will drop their extremely vocal opposition to marriage equality and homosexuals in general. They can’t. There’s no putting the brakes on that kind of rampant hate. Especially if there’s still con men out there profiting off of keeping them angry:

Faith & Freedom Coalition Chairman Ralph Reed asserted in a recent interview that Republicans would definitely come out ahead in the 2014 elections by opposing equal marriage rights for same-sex couples. … “It’s definitely a winner,” Reed insisted. “And it’s a winner in ways that surprise a lot of people. Remember, Al, when California voters voted on this issue in 2008, all the polling showed that it was going to win overwhelmingly.”

It’s definitely a winner…for Ralph Reed’s bank account. It’s definitely NOT a winner for the GOP. FSB once suggested that the GOP would very much like for the Supreme Court to just rule marriage equality constitutional and get it out of the way otherwise it will be used to hammer Republicans in every state that still has laws against it. Until that happens, the GOP has a problem; The Republican base has gone completely insane and considers any kind of compromise as a sin against Baby Jesus. They will demand that their candidates openly and loudly condemn homosexuality or risk a primary from the right, thus providing the Democrats with an excellent cudgel.

I can’t express my glee that the right made such an issue out of this in 2004. It made sense at the time because hate sells so well to the conservative movement. Now they’re stuck dealing with it until they’re ground under the inevitable weight of progress. Suckers.

But the big takeaway for me is the fact that the religious right is already looking for the next wedge issue. This is about as solid a proof as one could ask for that they are all about division and rage. They’re almost literally asking themselves “What issue can we use to fight liberals?” They could use their influence to fight poverty. They could fight child hunger. They could fight for any number of causes that would fall right in line with the teachings of the Bible but they’re not interested in any of that unless it’s against something liberals believe in.

If that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about how “godly” the religious right isn’t, then nothing will.

Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info


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