Mass Graves Discovered In Texas – State Claims Nothing To See Here


The Killing Fields, the Holocaust, the tragedies of Chechnya, Hue, Sooriyakanda, Duraiappa stadium, these are just some names associated with mass graves over the past century. Now we can add another name to that list: Texas.

As discovered in 2012, Texas Border Patrol agents have been engaging in a systematic burial of bodies across the state and the burials have not stopped. As reported in a documentary released by The Weather Channel and Telemundo late last year, the state Border Patrol has been finding bodies of people suspected of crossing the border illegally and systematically dumping them into these pit graves.

And, it turns out, Texas lacks any statute against such body dumping. The Border Patrol agents show up, put the bodies into trash bags and systematically dump the bodies in unmarked graves. Even more disturbing come the reports that these refugees call for help beforehand, but are ignored by the patrol agents until enough time has passed to let them die in the desert. The disgraceful treatment of these bodies and the states utter contempt for basic human decency, has resulted in these being called “Graves of Shame.”

If mass graves were discovered in a foreign country and the government says that there was nothing to see there, we’d all be skeptical. But, when a state government right here in the United States claims that the dumping of countless bodies into unmarked graves was legal, we’re all supposed to put that smile on our face and just go along with it, right?

Who are these people? How many have been killed by a heartless system and dumped in these unmarked graves? And the authorities expect us all to roll over and take them at their word that it is all fine and on the up and up? We must keep in mind, many massacres, many slaughters, many mass graves were all done while being told it was “perfectly legal.”

Texas has a sizable number of missing people. It is not far-fetched to imagine a corrupt politician, official, even the governor himself, abusing such a lax system for body disposal to eliminate rivals, the unwanted, vagrants, anyone so desired; and to do so legally. While no indication of such abuse has so far appeared, when the opportunity is there, it is near certainty that with such a wide window available, eventually someone will succumb to the temptation.

Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info



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