Michigan Republicans: Turn Public Education Into A ‘Ministry Of The Church’

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The people of Michigan could soon see their public schools transformed into nothing more than conservative Christian indoctrination centers if Republican lawmakers have their way.

In response to Governor Rick Snyder’s surprisingly sane viewpoint that public education should be a workforce development program combined with Common Core standards, Republican state Rep. Gary Glenn introduced a bill that would eliminate teacher hiring standards.

According to House Bill 4394, schools would be allowed to hire unqualified individuals to teach cyber classes. Basically, stupid people who have no business educating children could end up in charge of the education a student receives. Unqualified teachers are harder to hold accountable and undermine teacher unions because schools can pay them far less than the little amount teachers are already paid for an often thankless and exhausting job.

The motivation for this seems to be an effort to transform schools from entities that prepare students for the real world armed with facts into indoctrination centers that brainwash kids with conservative Christian dogma.

Leading that charge is Tea Party Rep. Todd Courser, who posted a now deleted Facebook rant lamenting that schools are no longer a tool of the church and are now places where students learn that pesky math, history, and science.

“Public education has devolved from its original form at the beginning from being a ministry of the church to make sure that new immigrants could read the scriptures to where it is now about workplace development for the needs of corporations to fill their human capital requirements,” Courser wrote.

Here’s an image of his post via Eclectablog.


Courser and Glenn apparently believe that schools should have the right to hire uncertified teachers to educate kids, and by “educate,” they mean force students to “read the scriptures.”

In other words, lesson plans would be limited to the Bible. Forget about all that math, science, and history that prepares students for college, careers, and the outside world.

Once again, Republicans prove that they don’t give a damn about the education our kids need and deserve. All they care about is indoctrinating young people into their dying religious beliefs.


Reprinted with permission from Think Progress, a branch of The Center for American Progress