Mike Huckabee: Planned Parenthood And Abortion Prevent God From Blessing America (VIDEO)

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Mike Huckabee is on the campaign trail, and he made a stop at the Iowa State Fair to speak to prospective voters about the extremely important issues our country faces. Of course, the former Arkansas Governor had to spend at least some time on what is becoming one of the most trite wedge issues of the 2016 election: Planned Parenthood.

He starts out speaking about an airplane with two wings and then reminds everyone of the importance of a “steering mechanism” that will prevent two wings from just flying the vessel “to the crash site.” He says this mechanism is a “strong moral fiber” in which he says are “the laws of nature’s god.”

Because apparently for Huckabee, without a god, he would have no moral compass? That’s kind of frightening.

Of course, our country does have a “steering mechanism” — it’s called the United States Constitution.

He said to the group:

“Let us never apologize for who we are as a country. A country that cannot be explained apart from the providence of God himself. There is no other explanation for the United States of America other than his providence and intervention.”

So, we are now applying the idea of divinity to our entire country? It’s slightly far-fetched to believe that this was all divinely inspired, especially during our dark days of infancy, with land theft, slavery, witch hunts, puritanism, misogyny, unjustifiable wars, massive inequalities, and the many other transgressions felt while our society has evolved over the last few centuries. It also goes against the philosophy our constitution was built upon – all that equality and whatnot which was a product of direct contradiction to things like the divine inspiration and even the divinity of kings. But, I digress.

Huckabee continues, citing examples of people invoking the blessings of his god with their words — Republican and Democratic candidates alike. He uses some absolutes by saying “every Democrat says it, every Republican says it.”

And then, his zinger. The moment he had been waiting for. His rug, to really tie the room together. . .

“I’m not sure how we fully expect to invoke god’s blessing on this country if we continue the slaughter of unborn children in their mother’s wombs. 60 million of whom have passed away since 1973.”

He then opines about the people crying for the defunding of Planned Parenthood, saying “wonderful, that’s terrific, we should do it” but that isn’t enough.

“Let’s not just end funding for this nightmare, let’s end the nightmare and make it so when we ask God to bless us he can look down from heaven and say, ‘I will.’”

Or, perhaps “he” won’t — and the country will move backwards under this type of conservative thinking and it will all be for naught. Back to the days when there were no more godly blessings than there are today — but a hell of a lot more abandoned children and many woman who die from risking back-alley abortions, all because women should have kept their choice. After all, that choice is protected by the United States Constitution. And while conservatives may not feel that is moral enough code for them — as a liberal American — I feel it is just right.

Watch Huckabee’s speech via Raw Story below:


Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info