Minorities Beware: These Are The Five States With The Most Hate Groups


Since a right-wing extremist carried out a terrorist attack on African-American churchgoers, late last month, racism has been on the forefront of many of our minds. When it was revealed that Dylann Roof had ties to a hate group, many of us wondered how many of these groups were still around in 2015. The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has been tracking hate groups for years; according to them, there are 784 active hate groups nationwide. These group discriminate against people based on their race, sexual orientation, religious affiliation and a plethora of other asinine reasons.

The SPLC reports that white supremacist groups – like the Ku Klux Klan – are by far the most common type of hate group in the United States. They also say African-Americans are discriminated against more than any other minority group in the country. More than fifty years after the Civil Rights Movement and black people in America are dealing with an egregious amount of hate.

Unsurprisingly, the SPLC also found that the people who belong to hate groups are most commonly associated with right-wing politics. We all know that the Republican base is full of people who hate anyone who isn’t a white, Christian male and their politicians reinforce their hate every time they vote on social bills.

That being said, we wanted to let our readers know where these hate groups operating out of, so that you can avoid them.

5. Tennessee

Tennessee is the 17th biggest state and it has 29 hate groups operating out of it. Most of the hate groups are white nationalist groups like the KKK. The Southern Poverty Law Center said hate groups include KKK branches like the Original Knight Riders Knights, Loyal White Knights; and neo-Nazi groups like the Aryan Nations.

With all of these white supremacy groups living in the state, it’s shocking to learn that Gov. Bill Haslam’s plan to discontinue Tennessee’s Confederate flag license plates was met with an incredible amount of backlash; but, remember everyone: it’s hate not hertitage ... oh wait, I think I got that backwards. Whoops.

4. New Jersey

Eight of the top ten states with the most hate groups are in the south, but N.J. is one of the exceptions. Forty hate groups call the state home and the majority of them – 22 — are skinhead organizations who hate minorities. In 2013, the state reported 447 hate crimes, but admitted that less than 45 percent of its law enforcement actually call crimes motivated by disdain for minority groups “hate crimes.” This means there was probably a significantly higher amount of unreported hate crimes in the state.

I guess my mixed family won’t be taking any trips to the Jersey Shore this summer.

3. Idaho

Wait  what? The state known for its delicious potatoes is also the state with the third-largest concentration of hate groups. The state has 6.5 hate groups for every million people or 10 hate groups total. That’s quite a feat for one of the least populous states in the union. Of course, the most common type of haters in the state are white supremacists. Almost all of the hate groups operating out of the state hate African-Americans. The SPLC says this is probably because the founder of the Aryan Nations, Richard Butler, moved to the state in 1974 and urged his followers to move there too in the hopes that they could create a “white sovereign territory.”

Almost makes you want to give up potatoes, doesn’t it?

2. Arkansas

Mississippi’s neighbor has 20 active hate groups operating out of it and you guessed it: most of them are believe “white power” is a battle cry. The law center explains that the state has the third-lowest rate of college graduates and believes that hate groups tend to be higher in states where people are less educated. I would have to agree with this theory, if you’ve ever seen the spelling on a Tea Party sign (the country’s most mainstream hate group) you’d know that people can be taught to hate and spell, but rarely both.

This explains soooooo much about Mike Huckabee.

Finally, the state that minorities should definitely stay the hell out of is…..

1. Mississippi


No, just kidding. Mississippi has a long history of hate. They are probably the first state you think of when asked,”Hey, where can I find some racists?” I have heard that even the mosquitoes are racist in this southern state.

The state has 22 hate groups operating out of it and again, most of them are white supremacy groups. The hate group that the Charleston shooter belonged to, the U.S. The Council Of Conservative Citizens, has four chapters across the state. The Mississippi state flag is a testament to how hateful the state is:


That flag literally screams,”HEY! LOOK AT US! WE WANT OUR SLAVES BACK!”

So, if you are a minority: just stay away from these places. They are brimming with racist or bigoted douchebags who are stuck in pre-Civil War America. There are plenty of other beautiful states to visit and you can find out if those are safe by looking at the full list here.

Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info