Mom Of Benghazi Victim Just Demande Trump Stop Using Her Son’s Name In His Propaganda

by John Prager –

Mary CommandayDonald Trump regularly references slain U.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens, but the victim of the 2012 terrorist attack wouldn’t want it that way, says Stevens’ mother. On Saturday, the New York Times ran an open letter from Mary Commanday explaining that her son was not the sort of person who would want his name to be disgraced by its inclusion in right-wing propaganda. The letter was short and not-so-sweet, serving as two paragraphs of ‘f*ck you’ for Trump and the rest of the Republican Party, who have spent years reducing Commanday’s son to a political talking point:

To the Editor: 

As Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens’s mother, I am writing to object to any mention of his name and death in Benghazi, Libya, by Donald Trump’s campaign and the Republican Party.

I know for certain that Chris would not have wanted his name or memory used in that connection. I hope that there will be an immediate and permanent stop to this opportunistic and cynical use by the campaign.


Oakland, Calif.

Commanday’s request comes on the heels of Stevens’ sister telling the Right to stop exploiting her brother’s death last month in an interview with The New Yorker. Anne Stevens told the publication that she doesn’t blame Clinton for her brother’s death and doesn’t “see any usefulness in continuing to criticize her.”

“I do not blame Hillary Clinton or [Former Secretary of Defense] Leon Panetta,” Stevens said. “They were balancing security efforts at embassies and missions around the world. And their staffs were doing their best to provide what they could with the resources they had.”

This was, of course, confirmed by the results of the eleventy-billionth Republican Benghazi investigation, which once again cleared Clinton of wrongdoing.

“With the many issues in the current election, to use that incident—and to use Chris’s death as a political point—is not appropriate,” Anne Stevens said.

Will Trump and the rest of the GOP respect Stevens’ family’s wishes? Of course not — because they don’t actually care about the victims, do they?

Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info