Mother Accused Of Child Abuse For Buying Her Daughter A Suit

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A Texas mother has been accused of child abuse by a store clerk after attempting to buy her daughter a suit. It all started when Jennifer Gordiano decided to allow her five-year-old Maddie to pick out her own Easter outfit.

“She’s a tom boy,” the mother told KTEN news. “She’s preferred to dress in boys clothes since she was about three-years-old.”

The pair entered Martha’s Miniatures in Denison, Grayson County – a store filled with exactly the kinds of pink, frilly dresses that Maddie hated. So the five-year-old headed straight for the suits, traditionally worn by boys. On catching sight of this, the store clerk apparently had an extreme reaction.

“The woman’s face was just a face of disgust,” she said. “She told me that I was promoting wrong behavior. That parent’s should not let their children choose the way that they dress if it’s cross-gendered”

Maddie left the store in tears. Gordiano was so incensed by the incident that she went straight home and posted about the experience on Facebook. As the story spread through the community, outraged friends and neighbors fought back by giving the business one-star reviews. Martha’s Miniatures could have responded to the situation by investigating the matter, reprimanding the staff member and reaching out to the family. Instead they took to Facebook to double down on the prejudice, and accuse Jennifer Gordiano of child abuse.

“I was so shocked she asked for a boys suit for the child. I asked her why she was encouraging this.” Read one post.

Another read:

“This is child abuse from the mother.”

The store’s Facebook page has since been removed, and the store is also closed. Unlike Austin, Dallas, Houston and Fort Worth – Grayson Country has no legal protections for consumers against business discrimination. It is surely concerning to discover that gender norms are being so restrictively applied in parts of America that a little girl can’t wear a suit without such horrible scenes.

“It depends on what they’re refusing the service for,” Attorney Bobbie Peterson-Cate told KNET. “For sexual orientation, no, it is not illegal.”

While this kind of discrimination might be lawful, it looks like it’s going to be very bad for business. This is a lesson also being learned in Indiana, where the signing into law of the ‘No Gays Allowed’ bill is costing the state billions in boycotts by those unwilling to collude in discrimination against the LGBT community.

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