NFL Tells Trump to Stick It. Why Wouldn’t They? Ad Revenue is Up

by durrati –

Yesterday’s decision Tuesday by the NFL owners to leave standing (heh) the NFL’s policy of not compelling players to stand for the National Anthem did not sit well with der Furor, prompting an early morning tweet today.

 The NFL has decided that it will not force players to stand for the playing of our National Anthem. Total disrespect for our great country!
You see, despite shit for brain’s best efforts, football is doing just fine.

While some attendance and ratings numbers show a slight decline…

“According to Nielsen data, the various NFL telecasts—including the Sunday regional and national games and the prime-time Sunday, Monday and Thursday night packages—are averaging 15.6 million viewers through Week 6, which is down just 5 percent from a year earlier. Household ratings are also down 5 percent to a 9.1 rating, off a half-point versus from the period a year prior.

Ratings for two NFL windows, ESPN’s “Monday Night Football” and the standalone NFL Network “Thursday Night Football” telecast, are up year-over-year, while deliveries for the CBS/NFL Net “TNF” simulcast package is flat. Fox’s high-octane national windows are down 7 percent with an average draw of 24.2 million viewers and a 13.5 household rating, while NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” juggernaut has slipped just 5 percent with an average turnout of 19 million viewers and a 10.8 household rating.”

…putting to lie the agitprop being spread like manure by drumpf syncophants….

Ad revenue is actually on the upswing:

“…advertisers have been steadfast in their interest. Through Week 6, in-game commercial inventory in the NFL broadcast windows has generated an estimated $1.24 billion in revenue, up 14 percent from the equivalent period last year. (It’s worth noting that, to the networks’ delight, a ratings dip coupled with flat or increased demand leads to an increase in the price of buying time in any TV program.)

Attendance is also nowhere near as shaky as Trump would like to believe. Season-to-date, NFL stadiums are averaging a draw of 64,277 fans per week, which marks a slight 3 percent year-to-year decline compared to the 66,496 fans who passed through the turnstiles during each of the first six weeks in 2016….”

The slight decline of attendance and ratings could just as easily be attributed to the series of national disasters in huge NFL Markets like Houston, Florida and Northern California as to drumpf nation’s prolonged tantrum .

It’s hard to think football when your home is flooded or on fire.

Unfortunately, we likely haven’t heard the end of this, drumpf and his looney tune base will continue their futile efforts to turn America against the NFL.

But, as of today, it is not working….


Reprinted with permission from Daily Kos