‘No Worse Than Bombing An Abortion Clinic’: Anti-Vaxxers Celebrate Murders Of Four Polio Vaccinators

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The anti-vaccine crowd may be dangerously and irreparably stupid, but it is surprising that even this particular mob of willful scientific illiterates and conspiracy theorists would stoop to actually celebrating the deaths of other humans.

Unfortunately, this is the point the anti-vaccine movement has reached. Last week, gunmen opened fire on a team of polio vaccinators in southwestern Pakistan. Four of the workers died, and police were forced to halt a much-needed immunization drive.

Pakistan is one of the few countries left where polio is a regular threat and, while vaccination teams have helped the situation some, violent extremists have seized upon the opportunity to lash out against what they view as a  “conspiracy of Jews and Christians to make Muslims impotent and stunt the growth of Muslims.”

Anti-vaxxers have long touted supposed “sterilization agents” in vaccines — false claims that could only be believed by the sort of people who accept a discredited 1998 study that supposedly linked the MMR vaccine to autism.

Attacks of the sort that killed four on Wednesday have claimed over 60 innocent lives in the past two years, but to the people in the Vaccine Resistance Movement: VRM Updates & News From The Trenches Facebook group, this is a good thing.

According to one person posting in the group, it’s “no worse than bombing an abortion clinic.” because of the lives it allegedly saves:

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Others agreed that the ongoing murders of vaccinators were “self defense.” While some pretended to mourn that human lives must be lost to stop the ‘poisoning’ of children, the end result was that members of this group absolutely loved the news:

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Some wished that Bill Gates, who has a long history of saving lives through vaccinations, was present for the killings…because he deserves to die, according to the group:

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While polio is not prevalent in America, other vaccine-preventable illnesses are resurfacing in parts of the United States. Between December 28, 2014, and March 20 of this year, 146 people from 7 states contracted the measles. Many, if not most, of these cases can be linked to an outbreak stemming from a Disney park in California. Time points out that the very crowd reveling in the murders of four human beings is responsible for the U.S. outbreaks:

American anti-vaxxers remain impervious not only to the public shaming, but to other epidemiological warning flags, like the ongoing whooping cough epidemic in California or last year’s outbreaks of measles in New York and mumps in Columbus. As the Disneyland outbreak continues to worsen, the reaction is likely to be more of the same—which is to say denial coupled with a lot of echo-chamber prattle about a bought-off media carrying water for big pharma, plus the usual scattering of glib Twitter code like #CDCWhistleblower, which purports to be final proof of the great vaccine coverup, but which is nothing of the kind.

Hashtag science is not real science, and conspiracy theories have nothing to do with facts. The problem is, children infected with measles—or polio or whooping cough or mumps—are indeed very real. In the age of vaccines, there ought to be no place they feel unsafe—least of all Disneyland.

Once murder becomes acceptable to those possessing an already extreme ideology, it’s over. There is no longer (if there ever was any) any merit to one’s goals if a trail of blood must be left in order to accomplish them.


Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info