NRA Suing Seattle For Having The Audacity To Take Action Against Gun Violence

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Gun violence in the United States is an epidemic. And while people who love to claim they’re “law-abiding” citizens and shouldn’t dare be given any restrictions on firearms, there are those in this nation who wish to cause harm. So, thinking pragmatically, Seattle, Washington, implemented a “gun violence tax.”

The tax is set up to help offset the amount of money the taxpayers of Seattle pay every year in gun related injuries, as well as researching gun violence data. According to

“Under the gun violence tax, firearms dealers would pay $25 for every firearm sold and $0.05 for every round of ammunition sold. The City Budget Office estimates the gun violence tax will raise between $300,000 and $500,000 a year.”

City Council President, Tim Burgess, said:

“Gun violence is a public health epidemic, but we can alleviate it with focused research and prevention funded by this new revenue source. Basic research can save lives.”

Seattle is actually the first city to fund such research, and according to NBC:

“The project will pay for access to and analysis of three large, public data sets in order to examine the relationship of substance abuse, mental illness, gun ownership, hospital injury admissions and deaths.”

The tax still allows people to purchase firearms and ammunition, but also raises funds to help try to curb violence. Sounds like a solid first step in to stop gun violence, and miles away from the age-old American adage of “nothing works, so why bother?”

However, the National Rifle Association (NRA) is having none of that, and instead has decided to sue the city of Seattle for having the audacity to give a damn about stopping gun violence.

In fact, the NRA is calling it a “poll tax.” They wrote on their Legislative Action page:

“The National Rifle Association, along with the National Shooting Sports Foundation and the Second Amendment Foundation, has filed a lawsuit against the city of Seattle for violating a Washington state law that prevents local municipalities from creating their own firearm regulations.”


“On August 10, the Seattle City Council approved measures that tax the sales of all firearms and ammunition and require gun owners to report any lost or stolen firearms.”

The nerve! Requiring gun owners to report lost or stolen firearms. As though that would help stop stolen guns from hitting the streets… oh wait.

The NRA is still very proud of themselves for bringing a past Seattle gun regulation to the state Supreme Court and winning. They were mad the city had the nerve to ban guns in city park facilities. As though the city of Seattle should be able to make decisions about the city of Seattle. That’s crazy talk.

You see, the NRA, in their skewed logic of reality, thinks that the tax will drive gun shop owners out of business. Well, that’s what they tell us, at least. They don’t believe the city should have the right to regulate the purchase of firearms. They claim it violates a Washington state law that prevents cities from creating their own gun regulations.  However, it’s not so much a restriction on gun owners or a directive, but rather a tax, and only time will tell if this lawsuit hold any validity in court.

The NRA is all about minimizing the amount of gun regulations and purchase requirements to own a gun so they can boost revenues for their pals in the gun manufacturing business. That’s really all they care about these days. Not safety or ending violence.

Lately, when a gun massacre happens, the first thing the NRA does is think about themselves and their pals’ sales instead of the victims and ways to curb the violence. Because what if more regulations would actually stop violence. What would happen to the gun sales! No one is thinking about the precious gun sales!

When you hear, “the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun,” remember that’s a push for more people to buy guns.

You’d think the NRA would want to make an environment where guns didn’t seem like the problem and want to help in ending the violence in any way that they can. However, that’s logic… and those who only think about themselves don’t always think very logically.

Truth is, we need to do something, and kudos to Seattle for trying to take a very proactive first step. The NRA will whine and stomp their feet, but hopefully they won’t get their way this time around.


Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info


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