NYC Mayor Teaches Democrats How To Fight Trump (A MUST WATCH VIDEO)

by SemDem –

I think we found our 2020 candidate.

Just watch this:

I hope this speech inspired you. It did me.

This is what it means to be progressive.

It takes A LOT strength to stand up for others.  Cowards are those who give into fear and paranoia—the very definition of the rightwing Trump supporter.

Right now, it’s the thousands of liberals in this country who are standing up against bigotry and hatred: in our schools, on the streets, and against our own government at Standing Rock.  It’s the millions of liberals who will be expected to protect our country from the coming onslaught against our freedoms and values from the Trump administration.

If there is any perception that liberalism=weakness, (aka “bleeding heart”), that has nothing to do with our values:  you can thank the many weak-kneed Democrats who supposedly represent us.  It’s those Democrats who refuse to fight.  Those who go along to get-along.

It’s those Democrats who say they will work with Trump on economic issues while ignoring the fact that neo-Nazis are being granted government positions.

It’s those same Democrats who refuse to speak up when election shenanigans are being brought to their attention.  If a Wisconsin county was caught giving Hillary over 1000 extra votes  and then said “whoops”, I can name several GOP politicians who’d be screaming about it.  Not our reps.  Shut up and ensure a “smooth transition”.

Go fuck yourself.

North Carolina is literally going to steal the governor’s election next week despite McCrory losing by thousands of votes.  Why?  Because fuck you—that’s why.  I’d like to hear from a few Democrats that this travesty won’t stand.  Our very democracy is at stake—maybe show some passion and fight for it.  How can we call you “our leaders” if you refuse to lead? Does liberty have any defenders left?

The GOP cares nothing about democracy.  We need people who will fight for it. We need people willing to put everything on the line to defend our most vulnerable citizens.  We need to fight tooth and nail for free, fair elections.  We need more people like de Blasio to stand up and say, “No.  We will no accept.  We will not comply.”  Every Democrat should be throwing down the gauntlet.  That is how you handle Trump.   That is what it means to be progressive.

The exact speech de Blasio gave, word for word, should be given by every damn Democratic mayor and governor in our great nation.

We are in for a 4-year nightmare, but it will end.  As the Millennials grow up, as we continue to become more diverse and more tolerant, and as the horrors of Trump become more realized, this nation will only grow more and more liberal.  The hatred and bigotry of the GOP will one day be viewed as shamefully as the Third Reich is today (by most Americans, anyway).  When that happens, we’ll remember those who fought for us and fought for our values long after this national nightmare is over.

More importantly, we’ll remember those who didn’t.



Reprinted with permission from Daily Kos