Obama May Have Inadvertently Announced The Death Of The Republican Party (VIDEO)

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Last Friday, President Obama gave a speech at the Hill Air Force Base in Utah about his plan to put 75,000 people to work installing solar panels by the year 2020. The majority of those people would be veterans. He also proved why anyone who is not concerned about climate change has absolved himself or herself of being capable of talking about the United States economy, let alone crafting policy about it.

President Obama said in his speech:

“We’ve got to be relentless in our work to grow the economy and create good jobs. And that’s why we have to redouble our efforts to make sure that we’re competitive, to make sure that we’re taking the steps that are needed for us to be successful.”

To a normal person, the program might seem to be a great idea. However, in a country where radical neo-conservatism and anti-science sentiment ravages the sensibilities of both politicians and constituencies, Obama’s speech might equate to “fighting words” for many.

This is a major problem for those who live in the United States and the world. Growth in the renewable energy sector is exploding— the growth in the industry is about ten times ahead of the rest of the economy. The transition to a clean energy society, is not only an imperative if we are to reduce our carbon emissions enough to seriously combat climate change and adapt to a post peak oil world, but also to create an unprecedented era of ubiquitous, dignified work. Averting the most catastrophic consequences of a rapidly warming planet is going to be a lot of work – work that can provide many, many jobs.

Now it is very important to understand that the word “action,” in relation to climate change, means to create jobs. Every politician who speaks about acting on climate change could just as easily say, “We need to create jobs to fight climate change,” and it would be an accurate statement. Inversely, those who do deny that action does not need to be taken on climate change are at the very best, advocating that we do not create dignified jobs for hundreds of thousands of Americans.

Every day that the government delays action against climate change, the cost of what climate change will cost the United States (and global) economy increases. This has been shown repeatedly. Yet, Republicans continually obstruct job creation to fight climate change and prevent the United States economy from collapsing in the ever-nearer future. In doing so, they are helping to facilitate the destruction of the economy, the families it supports, and potentially society itself.

They are also destroying themselves in the process. Take for example, Florida Governor Rick Scott, who banned the use of the words “climate change.” He also condemned himself and those in the employ of the state of Florida from being able to say that they will create jobs in order to combat climate change. They can never lay claim to have supported the creation of 75,000 jobs. They can never take credit in helping to create of the most rapidly expanding industries in the country. Those politicians who do create jobs to combat climate change can and will, recruiting voters at the same time.

You can watch President Obama’s speech below.


Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info