Obama Used Scott Walker to Prove Middle-Class Economics Trump Trickle-Down

by Egberto Willies –

President Obama went into Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s state and completely decimated his economic policy without even calling him by name. Of course the audience was well aware of what he was talking about.

The President started by touting the successes of middle-class economics effected by his administration. He told the audience that the unemployment rate fell to 5.3 percent and 223,000 jobs were gained last month. He reminded the audience that when he came into office unemployment was bordering 10 percent. He also reminded the audience that during the 2012 campaign Mitt Romney’s promise was an unemployment rate of 6 percent by 2016. The President touted his 5.3 percent in 2015.

The President touted his record 64 consecutive months of private sector growth. So far 12.8 million jobs have been created during his administration. He was cognizant that there is much more work left to be done. That work he said would entail policies that increase wages and income.

The President then enumerated the economic actions his administration took that bore fruit.

  • On track to sell more cars and trucks this year than we have in over a decade because of the retooling of the auto industry.
  • 900,000 new manufacturing jobs added and it is the fastest growing sector.
  • High school graduation rate at an all time high.
  • More college graduates than ever before.
  • America is number one in traditional fuel production.
  • America is number one in wind energy.
  • Solar energy generation increased 20 fold over since the start of the Obama administration.
  • Energy policy means $700 dollars savings for typical American family.
  • 98% of Americans got tax cuts
  • 97% of American businesses got tax cuts.
  • Wall Street reform enacted.
  • The health uninsured rate is now the lowest on record.

“I have these vague recollections of when Republicans were saying that Obamacare would kill jobs, crush freedom, bring about death panels,” President Obama recalled. “It turns out we’re still celebrating the fourth of July. … The only difference is that another 16 million Americans can celebrate it with healthcare. … The Republic survived. ”

The President then made a comparison between the policies of Republicans and Scott Walker in Wisconsin versus the policies effected by Democrats in adjacent Minnesota. Scott Walker cut taxes on the wealthy, cut services, decimated the unions, left minimum wage stagnant, and is now decimating the university system. Minnesota did the opposite. The economy in Minnesota is thriving. In fact their citizens’ median income is $9,000 more than the income in Wisconsin.

“Minnesota is winning this border battle,” President Obama said. “If you end up having policies that cut education, help folks at the top, aren’t expanding opportunity, then it is not going to work. We need better policies. Cause the bottom line is top down economics doesn’t work. Middle-class economics works.”


Reprinted with permission from Daily Kos


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