Off-Duty Police Officer Kills Sandwich Wielding Teen In Saint Louis

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Apparently sandwiches are deadly weapons, at least according to the St. Louis police department. An off-duty officer shot, and killed, a local teenager, Vonderrick Myers, around 7:30 pm Wednesday, a few miles from where Michael Brown was killed last August in Ferguson, Missouri. This officer, off-duty and doing a second job as a security officer, claimed he was shot at, and chased his suspects through the St. Louis suburb after he attempted a pedestrian check.

The eyewitnesses to the scene claim that Vonderrick was not carrying a weapon — the claims given so far are that he was in fact carrying a sandwich. According to his cousin Teyonna Myers, who was a witness to her kin’s death,

He was unarmed. He had a sandwich in his hand, and they thought it was a gun. It’s like Michael Brown all over again.

In contrast, the police department has issued a statement that they have recovered a handgun from the scene. The initial report did not indicate if it was a weapon held by the victim, or of the officer, or possibly from someone unrelated to the shooting, but later on indicated that the police believed that Vonderrick did wield this weapon. They have not as of yet released the name of the officer, bringing more reminders of the Michael Brown case where it took the threat of public exposure by the hacktivist group Anonymous before the name of Darren Wilson was publicly released.

The reports have also claimed that the officer shot at Vonderrick 16 times, in a residential neighborhood. Doing so, he acted in complete disregard for the safety of bystanders and put multiple lives at risk. The use of firearms in a densely populated area is severely restricted by officers nationwide, as the death of bystanders is more common than the effectiveness of weapons fire in apprehending suspects. Of course the police try to blame the suspects, but this does not work too well.

Already, crowds have gathered, and the protests which had begun to slowly dissipate have been enraged anew. The Anonymous twitter feed for Ferguson roared back to importance with alarming alacrity. But this time, the police appeared to have learned the lessons from months prior, and have given a wide berth to the protesters.

Now, if the renewed protests stay peaceful or not, that depends on one man, the Police Chief of Ferguson Missouri, Thomas Jackson.

Chief Thomas Jackson, this is a second chance for you to demonstrate if you are there to serve and protect, or to harass and abuse. So far, by not harassing the protestors, you have made a good start, and let us hope it continues this way. 

If the tables were turned, any police department would have Vonderrick in jail pending an investigation. It is not asking for much for the officer to be suspended from duty for an investigation. The taking of a life is supposed to be the aberration, not the standard. But in this country, the standard is that the police will be given carte blanche to kill wantonly so long as the victim’s skin happens to be of a darker shade. That is the state of America today. And we today have the opportunity to change that.

UPDATE — An earlier version of the article had mixed up data from the two shootings which happened three hours apart in the same area, one in Ferguson and this one in St Louis. We apologize for the confusion caused by this.

In addition, the St. Louis police department had already presented to the media their statement on the case. The officer is being investigated in relation to this case. This comes as a stark contrast to the aftermath over the shooting of Michael Brown. By issuing a statement right away, Chief Dotson has already demonstrated a far better awareness of the severity of the situation.

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