Oliver North suspicious that Obama traded a ‘ransom’ for an American hostage.

OliverNorthMugshotsBy Hunter, Daily Kos

Former Iran-Contra lackey and current conservative hero Oliver North, who never served a prison term for his part in helping the Reagan administration secretly sell arms to Iran while funneling the resulting cash to administration-backed guerrillas in Central America and then lying outright to Congress when Congress discovered the administration was doing both of those explicitly illegal things, gets to furrow his crooked eyebrows with suspicion that something crooked is afoot in this Bergdahl prisoner exchange business because . . .  of course he does.

North demanded that the media ask the Obama administration if there was “a ransom, a fiscal, financial, money transaction,” with the Taliban as part of the deal. “Was there a ransom paid? Did the government of the United States, either directly or indirectly, finance a terrorist organization?

Well, he is the goddamn expert on these things, you gotta give him that. By the way, the reason arms were being illegally sold to the Iranian regime was itself to secure the release of American hostages taken by Iranian-backed terrorist groups — just in case you needed to paint a barn with irony and were about a hundred gallons short, and you’re welcome. The story of why Oliver North could do all those things and not end up in the federal pen is similarly interesting, and perhaps one he’ll share with you if you run into him at the next Fox News Christmas party. Long story short, ‘Merica.

Join us for our next installment of fine conservative programming, when we’ll be interviewing cleared-of-all-charges John Wilkes Booth as to whether he thinks the recently murdered Abraham Lincoln was a good or a bad president.

Reprinted with permission from The Daily Kos.

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