On This Day, April 27, 1989 – Student protesters take over Tiananmen Square


– Student protestors took over Tiananmen Square in Beijing.

April 27, 1989 is arguably the most glorious day of the 1989 student movement. On this day, hundreds of thousands of college students in Beijing walked out of their campuses, despite that the demonstration was canceled at the last minute under the pressure and in the face of the new People’s Daily editorial which accused their movement as a deadly turmoil.

The Chinese government condemned the protests as a “counter-revolutionary riot”, and has prohibited all forms of discussion or remembrance of the events since. Due to the lack of information from China, many aspects of the events remain unknown or unconfirmed. Estimates of the death toll range from a few hundred to the thousands.

1509 – Pope Julius II excommunicated the Italian state of Venice.

Venice had taken control of the cities of Faenza, Rimini and Ravenna to extend its territories on the Italian mainland. Announcing his intention to reduce Venice to the status of a fishing village, Julius organized an alliance with Louis XIII of France, the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I and King Ferdinand II of Aragon who, scenting rich pickings, allied as the League of Cambrai. Julius issued a ferocious bull that declared a solemn excommunication and interdict against the Republic.

1521 – Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan was killed by natives in the Philippines.

1861President Abraham Lincoln suspended the writ of habeas corpus.

1861 – West Virginia seceded from Virginia after Virginia seceded from the Union during the American Civil War.

1865 – In the U.S. the Sultana exploded while carrying 2,300 Union POWs. Between 1,400 – 2,000 were killed.

1880 – Francis Clarke and M.G. Foster patented the electrical hearing aid.

1938 – A colored baseball was used for the first time in any baseball game. The ball was yellow and was used between Columbia and Fordham Universities in New York City.

1946 – The SS African Star was placed in service. It was the first commercial ship to be equipped with radar.

1950 – South Africa passed the Group Areas Act, which formally segregated races.

1953 – The U.S. offered $50,000 and political asylum to any Communist pilot that delivered a MIG jet.

1961 – The United Kingdom granted Sierra Leone independence.

1965 – “Pampers” were patented by R.C. Duncan.

1967 – In Montreal, Prime Minister Lester Pearson lighted a flame to open Expo 67.

1982 – The trial of John W. Hinckley Jr. began in Washington. Hinckley was later acquitted by reason of insanity for the shooting of President Ronald Reagan and three others.

1983 – Nolan Ryan (Houston Astros) broke a 55-year-old MLB record when he struck out his 3,509th batter of his career.

1986 – Captain Midnight (John R. MacDougall) interrupted HBO.

1987 – The U.S. Justice Department barred Austrian President Kurt Waldheim from entering the U.S. He claimed that he had aided in the deportation and execution of thousands of Jews and others as a German Army officer during World War II.

2005 – Russian President Vladimir Putin became the first Kremlin leader to visit Israel.

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Sources: On-This-Day.com; standoffattiananmen.com; wikipedia.com; historytoday.com