Palin’s Latest Drunken Rant: Planned Parenthood ‘Targeting’ Blacks For ‘Huge Profits’ (VIDEO)

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Sarah Palin’s conspiracy ridden rant on The O’Reilly Factor Wednesday night will have people wondering if she’s either vying for a spot opposite Alex Jones or just having a hard time laying off the Seagrams Seven. Palin, in an emotional little fit of rage, described the “evils” of Planned Parenthood and how they are luring black women in to their clinics for abortions.

Yes, they are luring them in. Palin says that Planned Parenthood “shops” are found in poverty-stricken neighborhoods 80 percent of the time. Being that Planned Parenthood is a non-profit, community based organization whose mission is to help people in need, setting up in Beverly Hills may not be the best course of action. Clinics in neighborhoods where women need the most help seems like a perfectly reasonable idea, but not to Palin.

Palin sees Satan everywhere. Since a failed run at the Vice Presidency gave who should be the most irrelevant person in America a conservative spotlight to stand under, Palin has attacked all that is reasonable and decent; often siding instead, with nutty ideals and Alex Jones-like theories. Add to that her very own reality series and you have the perfect running mate for Donald Trump.

Palin’s attack on Planned Parenthood has been particularly heinous, posting things like this on her Facebook page:

It would be reasonable to say that neither killed any black babies, but one helped 90,000 black women in need terminate an unwanted pregnancy by removing a zygote that was far from being a child by any standards not bearing a religious symbol. Palin’s comparison may be one of her most ridiculous, which for her is an achievement, as her “standing up for black babies” statement sits next to the symbol of hate and slavery America has been trying to purge that she is apparently supportive of. The sad part is how she really doesn’t see just how foolish and hypocritical this meme makes her look.

Her rant on O’Reilly’s show was more of the same rhetoric. Angry, irritated and unreasonable Sarah Palin was having such a hard time explaining herself that O’Reilly had to point her in the right direction several times.

“Why, Governor, are these clinics targeting black women,” O’Reilly asks, several times, before he gets the “Because they’re in it for profit” response he was looking for. The first few answers reflect Palin’s distorted views of how working class or poverty life operates, claiming there’s no reason these women can’t have a child and move on with a productive life.

A very productive life of being called lazy moochers by Palin and the poor-hating racists of the right. They just love babies until their mothers require any kind of help caring for them. They say things like:

“No, you can’t have free daycare so you can find, train for or start working a job! Start taking responsibility for yourself.”

“A single Mom with a high school diploma? Sure, you can work here for minimum wage, with a dime a year raise, 31 hours a week with no benefits. You can work two of those jobs and still run out of money just short of paying the electric bill. Now you want help feeding your child? Loser.”

Palin also talks about the wonders of adoption. Such a marvelous institution. Americans are always looking to adopt. Your perfectly healthy newborn white child will have no problem finding a home. What’s that? Your baby isn’t in perfect health? She’s not white? Well, what were you thinking? Into the system with her, where she becomes another statistic.

Tell you what, Governor, you go ahead and find homes for the 130,000 kids in foster care. Then we’ll move on to state homes and orphanages. Once you have that figured out we’ll start adding the 90,000 a year you’re complaining about.

Oh, and by the way, Governor, since you say all of those women are in poverty-stricken neighborhoods, you’re going to have to lobby the government to sink another couple hundred billion into Medicaid. You know, for pre-natal care, delivery, hospital stays and care for the child until their adopted parents come and get them.

Listening to the holier than thou rantings of a nobody whose need for fame and fortune trumps her need for compassion and humanity is truly sickening, Sarah. Please go home, you’re obviously drunk.

Watch Sarah Palin’s latest incoherent rant on The O’Reilly Factor.


Reprinted with permission from Addicting Info