Perez Wins Chairmanship of DNC in Close Vote on Second Ballot

by Meteor Blades –

On the second ballot Saturday afternoon, former Labor Secretary Tom Perez narrowly won the chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee over Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison at the organization’s winter meeting in Atlanta. Perez took the podium to move that Ellison be made deputy chair of the DNC. No “nays” could be heard from delegates during the voice vote.

Here was the tally of the 435 delegates who cast ballots:

Tom Perez……………………..235
Keith Ellison………………….200

After the vote, a motion to make Perez chairman by acclamation.

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Congrats to @TomPerez, new ! The Hillary/Obama coalition IS the Democratic Party. It INCLUDES Ellison and millions of progressives.

Despite the efforts of the other nine candidates who sought the office, the only ones anybody gave a chance to were Ellison and Perez. On issues related to the DNC’s tasks, the two men’s views were extremely close. But their campaigns for the post were widely viewed by most observers as a contest between the more centrist establishment wing of the party represented by Perez and the liberal wing represented by Ellison. But there was a fair amount of cross-over voting.

The question now is how successful Perez and Ellison will be at accomplishing what large numbers of activist Democrats believe is key to defeating Pr*sident Trump, Trumpism and Republicans, in general—injecting new life into state parties that have been weakened by Republicans making huge gains in state legislatures and governorships over the past decade.


Reprinted with permission from Daily Kos