Police Assault Woman – For Trying to Swallow a Tylenol



Disturbing and shocking footage has just emerged out of Ohio. The video surveillance recording shows an Ohio woman being handcuffed and charged with resisting arrest. What did she do? Sheriff’s deputies pinned her down on the floor and pried open her mouth for the “crime” of trying to ingest nothing more than a Tylenol tablet.

After they attacked her, the deputies charged her with “resisting arrest” for a crime she never committed in the first place. Worst of all is that these deputies are so far getting away with all of this insanity.

Surveillance video clearly Siobhan Householder, 35, of Akron, Ohio (near Cleveland), attacked last week by in an altercation which left her injured and arrested.

Householder had been kept in a holding area while waiting to make a court appearance. That’s when she made the big mistake of thinking she could take a simple Tylenol for her tooth infection.

The mother of three told the Akron Beacon-Journal that she now is covered in bruises to her chin, legs and face with cuts all throughout the inside of her mouth from the officer’s fingernails. She has also suffered hair loss due to having her hair ripped from her head.

The mother of three says the incident left her with bruises to her chin and legs, cuts on the inside of her mouth and hair loss.

Unfortunately, there is no audio in the video. But it is clear enough what is transpiring. Householder put a pill in her mouth and the Summit County sheriff’s deputy leaped on her to stop her from swallowing it, obviously thinking she was popping illegal narcotics.

“He said, ‘What are you taking?’ and I said, Tylenol,” Householder recalled. “And he said, ‘Spit it out’ and I said, ‘I can’t.’ I meant to say I can’t spit it out because I had already swallowed the other pills.

“But I didn’t even get that part out before he just yanked me up and threw me down on the ground and was trying to dig these pills out of mouth,” Householder elaborated.

The woman’s bottle of prescription pills then were knocked to the floor.

“There was one [pill] in there and I couldn’t even get it out because he kept shoving his hand in my mouth,” she explained, “and squeezing my face and pulling my hair at the same time.”

Watch the video of the whole ordeal below:

Reprinted with permission from Political Blind Spot.

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